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How do you make a classic gaia layout?

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Select a default layout that Gaia provides from the drop down list on the edit profile page.
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How do you make a layout?

You need to know about HTML codes. - HTML codes are the codes that make up pictures / banners / layouts / etc. The codes need to be absalutly right for the picture to work

How do you change your gaia profile to classic?

Scroll over the "My Account" tab and wait for the drop menu to appear. Once it does, go down to the tab that says "Account" and click on it. Now there is a menu to the left in

Layouts for gaia?

There are some sites in the related links that might be able to help you out.

How do you put a profile layout on Gaia?

Hmmm... two ways. There are types of profile styles you can get. There's these websites: tektek.org skem9.com (or .org, I don't know) You can simple get profile styles
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Where do you make layouts?

Go to horse-lover-layouts.com and email the lady and ask for spacific things. OR go to howrse riding level answers there you can also make your own layouts. : )
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Where can one find Gaia layouts online?

Gaia is a forum community. If one would like to find Gaia layouts online so that one can customise one's profile, a good place to start would be the website ProfileBrand, whic