How do you make a climate graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

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Try the first link below, which shows you how to combine chart types to make new chart types. Alternatively you can use a ready made graph such as the ones at the second link below which you can include on your website.
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How do make a bar graph on Microsoft Excel?

Answer: Excel . You can do it in only 4 simple steps:\n. \n1. Type in all your information in Excel.\n. \n2. Highlight all the data you want to include in your bar graph.\n. \n3. Click Chart... on the Insert menu.\n. \n4. Follow the directions in the window to choose the chart type, source da (MORE)

How do you make an excel graph with a logarithmic scale?

first make your graph with all the points and then once you've done that and you have your graph... double click on one of the scale values on either the x or y axis, look for the 'scale' tab and check the box 'logarithmic scale'....hope it helps The above is incorrect. There is no option for log (MORE)

How do you make a bar graph on Microsoft Excel 2007?

Put data in two columns (x,y). Select the data including headers click on the chart button from the menu. During its further customization you can select the bar chart option to plot the graph as a bar chart.

How do you make a game on Microsoft Excel?

Excel is a serious business tool. However, it is also a programmingtool, which means that you can program anything you like, evengames. You could create simple guessing games by getting Excel togenerate random numbers with functions like RANDBETWEEN. You couldtype in a number in an effort to guess w (MORE)

What are the differences between Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007?

There are many differences between Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. Some of the changes in Excel 2007 are improvements. Some are strongly disliked by users of past releases of Excel. The following are some of our major findings when we compared Excel 2003 to Excel 2007. We do recommend that if you have E (MORE)

Does Microsoft have a 2007 Excel certification?

Yes, it is called the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) credential validates skills in using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the Windows Vista operating system, meeting the demand for the most up-to-date skills on the lat (MORE)

How do you make graphs with Microsoft office?

You need to use Excel. Put your data into an Excel spreadsheet. If you have both an X axis and a Y axis put each axis into a column (X should be first column, ideally), otherwise if you just have an Y axis put your data in a column and your X axis will be the row number.. If you have an X axis you' (MORE)

How can you make a graph in Excel 2007 fill a whole sheet?

Sure. Just click on the graph, then click and drag on one of the edge handles (either a small box in each corner, or a double-headed arrow when you hover over one of the graph border lines). Repeat, as needed, to position the graph where you like.

How do make a code on Microsoft Excel?

just click on Review >> Protect WorkBook >> protech structure and enter a password........... now No one can open the worksheet unless he knw the password..............enjoy ans to

How do you turn statistics into graphs on Microsoft Excel?

At the top on excel there will be a small button that looks like a bar graph, highlight the data you want to use - preferably in column form with no extra info - then click on the button. Follow the instructions given, at the end it will ask you if yo want to insert the graph onto the current sheet (MORE)

Who is the owner of Microsoft Excel 2007?

Microsoft Corporation. When you purchase a copy of most software programs, you are purchasing only a license to use that program. You do not receive any ownership rights to the product; only the rights to use it as defined in the user or license agreement.

How do you make scatter-graphs using Excel 2007?

Use a scatter plot graph to represent the correlation between two different variables. Here are some steps to make a basic scatter plot graph. . Get your data into an Excel spreadsheet (type, copy, link, etc.). . Highlight the data you want to display on the graph. . Select the Insert tab fro (MORE)

What can you import from Microsoft Excel 2007?

It depends on where you are exporting to if you are tyring to import from Excel. Generally, you can import Excel data to many applications, but the target application will determine what will transfer from Excel and how the data will disply in the target application.

Why is Excel good for making graphs?

Because it is an easy tool for people to use and it is an application available in most offices. You alos can make graphs with the Calc application included with the free Open Office program if you do not have access to Excel.

How do you make a circle graph on Excel?

A circle graph is usually called a Pie or Donut graph. You highlight the data you want to graph and click on the type of graph you want to insert. You will find graphs on the Instert Tab in the Graphs section. You can use Excel to make the following types of Charts and Graphs: . Column . Line . (MORE)

What is better to use Microsoft Excel 2003 or Microsoft Excel 2007?

For a standard spreadsheet, both versions can do what you want.2003 looks very different and some people found 2007 difficult toadapt to, but once they got used to it, they found the fundamentalswere not very different. So it is really personal choice. Peoplewho are used to 2003, might stick with it (MORE)

How do you make paragraphs on Microsoft Excel?

If you want to put paragraph returns into your text in Excel,hitting the Enter key would normally stop you from editing yourselected cell. However, if you hold down Alt+Enter, it puts areturn in your text. You can also format the cell to allow the text to "wrap" within thecell. Additionally, you ca (MORE)

What does F4 perform in Microsoft Excel 2007?

It can change the reference type of the cell in a formula as it is being typed. It changes it from relative to absolute, mixed with a row locked, mixed with a column locked and back to relative. If you were typing A1 you would get the follow sequence: =A1 =A$1 =$A1 =$A$1 =A1

How do you make a fraction on Microsoft Excel?

-put on cell1 the numerator -put on cell2 the denominator -solve(cell1/cell2) -right click on cell3(it is where the answer is located)-format cell-fraction-okay -to make the fraction in lowest term, format-cell-number-custom-then type #

How do you make a pie graph using Microsoft Excel 2003?

Select the data you want, remembering that a Pie Chart can only have one series. You can then either click on the Insert menu and pick Chart and then follow the steps to create your chart, or click on the chart icon on the Standard toolbar.

How can you get exponents on Microsoft Excel 2007?

You can use the ^ operator or the Power function. So if you wantedto get 10 to the power of 2, you could do it either of these ways: =10^2 =POWER(10,2) To show the actual power, you can insert symbols for the powers toget something like 10 2 on your spreadsheet.

How do you add error bars to a graph in Microsoft Excel 2010?

Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet containing chart on which you want to show Error bars. For instance,say we have included a spreadsheet containing simple table defining Distance-Time relationship having Distance and Time fields respectively Along with the table we have also included a Scatter & (MORE)

How do you plot a graph using Microsoft Excel?

You simply finish entering information into the worksheet, click on insert on the standard menu bar, click on a graph icon in the chart, a dialogue menu pops up and you can choose what type of graph you want to use,in this case, you click on your choice graph then it is done, a graph plots itself in (MORE)

What are four types of graphs or charts in Microsoft Excel?

Bar charts, Area charts, Pie charts and Line charts. Bar charts, Area charts, Pie charts and Line charts. Bar charts, Area charts, Pie charts and Line charts. Bar charts, Area charts, Pie charts and Line charts. Bar charts, Area charts, Pie charts and Line charts. Bar charts, Area charts, Pie c (MORE)

How do you make paragraph in Microsoft Excel?

If you are typing a lot of text, then you can press Alt-Enter to start on a new line in the same cell. If you do it twice you will have a clear line between your two paragraphs. Generally though cells are not really for tying paragraphs in. You could use a text box for general text or a comment box (MORE)

How do you include names for data in a bar graph using Microsoft Excel 2007?

When creating the chart, select the headings with the data and they will automatically be included. If you've already created the chart, go to the Select Data option and you can give each series a name and have a legend on the chart which will identify each bar. When creating the chart, select the (MORE)

Make arrows in Microsoft Excel?

You can create arrows in various ways. You could do this: -> You can go to the Smart Art or Drawing and can select arrows from there. You can insert symbols from the Wingdings fonts. You can create arrows in various ways. You could do this: -> You can go to the Smart Art or Drawing and can se (MORE)

How do you make graph from an equation in Excel?

You need to first convert the equation into a formula. Then create a set of points by copying the formula and using different values to create your points. Once you have them, you can select them and pick a chart, using the Scatter, also known as an XY chart. Say your equation was x 2 +5=y, then you (MORE)

How do you make ç in Microsoft Excel?

Go to Insert Symbol and you can do it from the character sets youwill find there. You can also use the Character Map facility inWindows to copy the character into Excel.

What is groups in Microsoft Excel 2007?

They allow you to take a set of related numbers together and groupthem and then do things like get totals. So say you have a list ofsales spread out across the year. You could group them into months,and get a total for each month. You could also group them by theindividual salespeople to see how muc (MORE)

How do you make a line temperature graph in Excel?

Enter the values into cells on your worksheet, with whateverheadings you need. Then select the cells and start the ChartWizard. You can then choose a Line Chart as your option. Followthrough by putting in headings and so on that you need. Then youwill have your chart.

How can you graph tan x in Microsoft Excel?

In the 1st column make a list of numbers, and in the 2nd columncalculate the tangent of each value in the 1st column. Try entering0.01 in A1 and =A1+0.01 in A2, then select A2:A942 and fill down.In B1 enter =tan(A1), then select B1:B942 and fill down. Next,select A1:B942, then insert a line graph. A (MORE)