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How do you make a word problem into an equation?

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6 friends each want an equal serving of 36 cups of pudding. How many cups does each person get?

1. What is the problem asking you to find out? (how many cups each person gets)
2. Take the numbers you have and think: What would the problem be without the words? (36...divided by...6...EQUALS)
3. There you have it-- a word problem turned into an equation!
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How do you make equations equivalent?

Answer   You cannot change two existing, completed equations so that they are equal to each other. However, when working with two equations, you may set them equal to eac

A word equation to represent what happens when sulfur burns to make sulfur dioxide?

. It can further react with moisture in the air to eventually form suplhuric acid. This is typical of the so-called acid rain phenomena. This is often found near refineries an

FIND Three consecutive integers such that the sum of the second and the third is 17 Which equation would be used to solve this word problem?

If the first of these consecutive integers is x, the second integer would be x + 1, and the third integer would be x + 2.    Since the sum of the second and the third i

How do you translate word problems into an equation?

EASY!!! seven times eight minus two times three plus eighty-seven minus twenty two times thirty-three divided by thirteen times three equals heres the simple way: 7 x 8 - 2 x
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How do you write equations from worded problems?

It is reasonably simple. You first want to make each word which is relavent to find out the answer a letter. An example of this could be a common example in chemistry in which