How do you make man on alchemy?

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beast + life = man
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How do you make alchemy?

heres a basic example of what alchemy is...alchemy is basic science and heres an experiment to change water from liquid to solid with just a touch of a finger (literally). Ch

What can you make on alchemy?

The most complete list I've been able to come up with so far for a total of 348/360: . 1UP. AIR. AIRPLANE. ALBERT EINSTEIN. ALCOHOL. ALCOHOLIC. ALGAE. ALUMINIUM.

How do you make man in the alchemy app?

beast+earth=man lizzard+earth=beast worm+snake=lizzard bacteria+swamp=worm worm+worm=snake life+swamp=bacteria warter+earth=swamp energy+swamp=life fire+air=energy