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How do you make scatter-graphs using Excel 2007?

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Use a scatter plot graph to represent the correlation between two different variables. Here are some steps to make a basic scatter plot graph.
  1. Get your data into an Excel spreadsheet (type, copy, link, etc.).
  2. Highlight the data you want to display on the graph.
  3. Select the Insert tab from the ribbon bar.
  4. From the Charts section, click on Scatter and select the Scatter with only Markers option.
  5. Move, format, and adjust the chart to meet your needs.
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How do make a bar graph on Microsoft Excel?

Answer: Excel . You can do it in only 4 simple steps:\n. \n1. Type in all your information in Excel.\n. \n2. Highlight all the data you want to include in your bar graph.

How do you make an excel graph with a logarithmic scale?

first make your graph with all the points and then once you've done that and you have your graph... double click on one of the scale values on either the x or y axis, look for

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