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You can set your browser to use whatever page you choose as your home page. Enter the URL in the space provided under the general options tab in the tool bar. Each browser has a slightly different process for finding this spot, but you should be able to select Tools and then Options to find it.
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How do you set a website as your homepage?

If you wanted to make wiki.answers.com as your homepage, for example, you'd first bookmark it. Then open your bookmarks drop-down menu and find wiki.answers.com. Simply drag t

How do you make a website a homepage?

for mozilla firefox browser open the website you want as your homepage and go to the TOOLS tab at the top Select OPTIONS and press the GENERAL tab Now click on the USE C

How do you make Stephenie Meyer's website your homepage?

  Type the following link first on the address bar:   http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/ then click on Go or enter   When you're already on that page, click on Tools on

Is there any website where you can have a homepage just for girls?

  Think about this..... how would you stop males from accessing it? The web is open to all, or else is rigidly controlled and access is by passwords which are issued to

How do you set a website as your homepage on a Mac?

On a mac, you click the "safari" @ the top of the page and then click "preferences" and choose "general". Then do one of the following:     To use the page in the curre

How can you set your homepage as a website?

go on to tools near the top right of screen. Then go on internet options, thengo on to the tab called general. Then a section at the top should say home page. Type in what web