How do you make your business a Pokemon stop for Pokemon GO?

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Niantic is not currently processing applications for new PokeStops or Gyms. It's possible that they may do so in the future, and it's also at least plausible that they may adapt some kind of sponsorship model in which a business can be made into a PokeStop in exchange for payment.

Your best hope at the moment is to invent a time machine, go back in time, put up an unusual sign or display on your business (fountains and other "water features" seem to be particularly well represented), and either hope someone submits it to Niantic for inclusion into Ingress or submit it yourself. Most existing PokeStops and Gyms were Ingress "portal" locations. (However, not all Ingress portals became PokeStops/Gyms, so even that isn't a guarantee; your odds may be better if you're in a relatively "uncrowded" region.)
Contact Niantic, but they most likely will not make your business a Pokestop.
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