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How do you pack for a camping trip when traveling on an airplane?

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Just make sure that anything that could be construed as a possible weapon ends up in your checked luggage, not your carry-on bag. For example, Swiss army knife, cutlery, silverware, tent stakes etc.
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What do you need to pack for a camping trip in the middle of the summer?

  Tent And Bedding     Mat for entrance     Sleeping Bag     Blankets     Pillows   Camping Basics     Flashlight     Lanter

What should women pack for camping?

Some ideas: sleeping bag make-up toiletries (shampoo, shower gel, deodorant etc) drinking water snacks/food sunscreen bug spray book clothes and underwear hand sanitize

What is the worst thing to forget on a camping trip?

There is no one thing that is the worst thing to forget on a  camping trip, because so many things are important. Some things you  definitely would not want to forget are: t

Who was the first president to travel in an airplane?

The first president to fly in an airplane while in office was Calvin Coolidge in 1933. ? ?The first ex-president to fly in an airplane was Theodore Roosevelt, who flew as a pa

What to pack for sleepaway camp?

Here is a list of stuff i would pack for sleep away camp u can take sum stuff out if u r a boy cause it doesn't say :) CLOTHING: 12 shirts 10 tank tops 3 sweatshirts 2 long sl

What would you need to survive on a camping trip?

  I would take:   * cell phone  * snacks ( especially stuff to make smores)  * flashlights  * sleeping bags, pillows  * matches  * ghost stories (depending on age

Can you bring unopened packs of cigarettes on an airplane?

When I went on vacation last month, they let me through security with 2 packs of cigarettes (one opened and the other unopened) and to my surprise, my bic lighter. So yes. *

What equipment should you bring to a camping trip?

  That depends on the type of camping and where you camp. If it is a camping trip to an established campground where you can drive there, then you need to think of home. R

Can you carry on an airplane or pack lamp oil?

If you are asking if you can carry lamp oil on, no. They won't let lighters on let alone something like lamp oil.
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What is needed for a camping trip?

What to Bring 1. Top 3 Essentials (sleeping, flashlight, matches) a. You'll be fine without a tent but you'll be miserable without a sleeping bag! 2. (in addition) Top 3 Most