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How do you pack for a camping trip when traveling on an airplane?

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Just make sure that anything that could be construed as a possible weapon ends up in your checked luggage, not your carry-on bag. For example, Swiss army knife, cutlery, silverware, tent stakes etc.
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What to pack for a trip?

well it depends what you're doing, where you're going, what gender, why you're going. In general you need a shirt for every day and pants, pack extra underware (swimming, chan

What do you need to pack for a camping trip in the middle of the summer?

  Tent And Bedding     Mat for entrance     Sleeping Bag     Blankets     Pillows   Camping Basics     Flashlight     Lanter

What to pack for camping?

you should pack; -tent -sleeping bag -enough food for 3 meals -matches -flash light w/ spare batteries -toiletries in a water proof container/ bag--- toilet paper,

What to pack for camp?

Warm clothes. matches, water, cooler, tent , food, bug spray, sleeping bags , clean dry clothes, sweat shirts, Candles , lanterns, toilet paper, tweezers, tin foil, utensils ,

What do you pack for a trip?

You NEED the basics. shorts, t-shirts, socks, make-up, under garments, shoes, pajamas and tooth brush and toothepaste. my recommendation would be to check the weather for wher

What size camping pack do you need for a weekend camping trip?

That depends on a lot of factors. Presuming you are going to backpack your way to your camping site, you need to take into consideration how much clothes, gear, food, etc. you

What should you pack for a school camping trip?

Nightwear Toilettries - Toilet roll if you're a lass Underwear corresponding in number to however many days you're staying away A sleeping bag A roll mat/Airbed...But

Can you film your airplane trip?

I would ask the airline personnel . They will tell you if you can. Do what they say.

How do you deal with an airplane trip?

When I fly I take my headphones, MP3, a book to read, and food. If it is several hours I also take a sleep mask, a shaw or small blanket, pillow ,put on my music, and sleep. O