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How do you pack for a camping trip when traveling on an airplane?

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Just make sure that anything that could be construed as a possible weapon ends up in your checked luggage, not your carry-on bag. For example, Swiss army knife, cutlery, silverware, tent stakes etc.
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Can you pack a computer on airplane luggage?

Yes, but i'd put some fragile stickers on the luggage that your putting it in.

Can horses travel by airplane?

  Yes, amazingly horses can travel in special airplanes. Of coarse it can't be the kind of airplane that people travel in, but it can be done!

What is the worst thing to forget on a camping trip?

There is no one thing that is the worst thing to forget on a  camping trip, because so many things are important. Some things you  definitely would not want to forget are: t

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it goes about 500 miles an hour when it gets in the air but before it takes off it will get to 180 mph to get airborn but it can go faster the faster it goes the easier it is

How fast can a airplane travel?

Different planes travel at different speeds. They range from aprox. 280 mph to 2200 mph. Here's a record chart. Insect   Australian Dragonfly36 mph (58 km/h)n/a   Bir

What equipment should you bring to a camping trip?

  That depends on the type of camping and where you camp. If it is a camping trip to an established campground where you can drive there, then you need to think of home. R

Can a person travel on an airplane with hydrocephalus?

  Yes! Some get a slight headache due to the pressure differences, but others have no problems at all. Some people use a Dr's not to get the wand instead of going through

Why do you love to travel through airplane?

I HATE travelling through airplane. Perhaps travelling with ryanair. First you have to wait hours before your gate number comes up. And then when you get on the plane they try