How do you pronouce Iran?

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English speaking people usually pronounce it - ( I - ran )

The rest of the world pronounces it - ( Ee - Ron )

That is also how Iranians pronounce it.
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What is Iran?

Iran is a country in the Middle East. Yep

Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan

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What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delecta

How do you pronouce gnocchi?

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In Iran

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.