How do you pronouce Iran?

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English speaking people usually pronounce it - ( I - ran )

The rest of the world pronounces it - ( Ee - Ron )

That is also how Iranians pronounce it.
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Where is Iran?

Iran is in the eastern part of the Middle East which is in Southwest Asia. Iran is bordered on the North by Armenia, Azerbaijan & Turkmenistan. On the East by Afghanistan & Pakistan. On the West by Turkey & Iraq. It also borders the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman & Caspian Sea.

How do you pronouce marhaban?

The Arabic word, 'marhaban' is essentially pronounced just like itis spelled. In English, it would most likely be something akin to'mahr-hah-ban.'

How do you pronouce Leadville?

Some say LEDVILLE and some say LEEDVILLE. Either is gramatically correct but ask the folks down at the Leadville Post Office. They will know.

How do you pronouce osage?

It is pronounced with a long "O" then sage. The city is named after Orin Sage, an attorney, I believe, from out east. The public library was named "Sage Public Library" after him. Osage was incorporated in 1856.. Grew up in Osage and lived there 20 yrs.

How do you pronouce Hermes?

The French fashion house is written Hermès and pronounced air-MESS. The Greek God Hermes is pronounced in English as HER-meez.

How do pronouce kerli?

You pronounce kerli like kur-lee. ______________________________________ Kur lee, like the word curly. You actually pronounce it as Kair-lee. Here's a video of Kerli explaining:

What is there to do in Iran?

You could visit the ancient ruins of Khashayarshah, Persepolis, or the modern architecture of Teheran! Or even go out to a restaurant since Iran has some of the most delectable foods! Go site-seeing! My list would be endless!!!! So...go to this youtube link to see heaps more cool things to do in Iran!

How do you pronouce Slijper?

Slijper is not a word in English, however it is commonly used as slang in the Scandinavian countries, and is pronounced roughly in English as "Sleeper" (Slee-pah) it means literally "one that is sleeping" eg: "wow, it is 12AM, i am going to slijp"

How do you pronouce 'Caritas'?

The word 'Caritas' is from the ancient, classical Latin language. It means 'dearness' or 'high price'. But it also may be understood to mean 'affection', 'esteem', or 'love' in the sense of being charitable towards others. The pronunciation, in both classical and liturgical Latin, is the following: KAH-ree-tahs.

How do you pronouce school?

"Sk-ool" the 'SCH' is pronouced like the 'SK' in skateboard and the 'OOL' like the 'OOL' in tool and stool.

How do you pronouce Tomoe?

I work for a Japanese company called Tomoe... It is pronounced "toe-mow-e"... Not "tom-oh" as many people pronounce it... Apparently, and I'm not 100% certain if this is true or not, but the word "Tomoe" is an ancient Japanese word, meaning 'turning or rotating'.. Hope this help.

How do you pronouce illogical?

if u want to ask me you shouldn't even be on this website anyone can change anything on here. I am only 13 and can answer or correct anyone and everyone's answers. It gives you the wrong and kind of answers that could get you into trouble. Check out the answer for the question "what non salt water lake has sharks?'

How do you pronouce sclerosis?

how can somebody prononce it to you over wikianswers!! The c in sclerosis is sounded out like a k and the o is a hard o. So if you break the word up it sounds like: SKLE-ROW-SIS

How do you pronouce 地平線?

Lah-Bah-Ia-Dodo. In Mandarin, the pronunciation of 地平线 (simplified Chinese) is di(4) ping(2) xian(4) in Han Yu Pin Yin 汉语拼音.

How do you pronouce the German name Luftwaffe?

Hi, The correct pronunciation if it was spelled in English would be looft VA fa You can hear how it is pronounced on Wikipedia's page. I had a listen to make sure it was correct. Near the top of the Wikipedia page, look for the following and click listen to hear Luftwaffe (German pronunciation: ( listen)) Hope that answers your question.

How do you pronouce doux-amer in french?

Good question! You do pronounce a liaison, so it sounds like "doo-zah-mair". Here are the other forms: doux-amer doux-amers (pron. same as singular) douce-amère (just say each word: "dooss-ah-mair") douces-amères (pron. same as singular)

How do you pronouce ocarina?

Most pronounce it: acc-a-re-na. Others are- - ac-a-rain-na I even heard someone pronounce it, Ore-in-no-co. haha hope i helped in some way.

How do you pronouce che?

If you mean the nickname of the Cuban revolutionary Guevara, we English speakers pronounce it CHAY. In Guevara's native Spanish it would sound similar, but without the glide towards "ee" at the end; more like CHEH. On the other hand, if you mean the Italian interrogative for "what," it sounds like KEH.

How do you pronouce jag alskar dig?

J in swedish is pronounced like Y in english. Jag is pronounced like Jog (as in jogging) but with a Y instead of a J and a longer o, so linger on the o and you'll be reasonably close. Älskar = Ell-scar or "L"-scar, dig = dey. Happy hunting :).

How do you pronouce Mwaruwari?

The same way as you would if it were English, except that the "m" in front is pronounced as another syllable, "em". To be specific: em-WAH-roo- wah -ree.

How do you pronouce tire?

It's pronounced tyer I know it looks weird the way I've written it(because it's not said how it's written) but that's how I say it.

How do you pronouce ç in french?

To pronounce ç in French, just simply say- sa. So if you were to say ça VA? or ça VA bien, you would pronouce ç as sa. I don't agree ç is prononced 's' like in seat It's just a way to write the sound 's' with a word that must be written with a c letter. Cela means that and is shorten ça , so it must be written with a 'c', but should be prononced 'sa' so the little sign is added. Hameçon (hook), reçu (receipt), commerçants (shopkeepers) are other examples By the way the little sign under the c is called cedilla

How do you pronouce alachua?

Well, it dependson if you are asking about "Alachua County" or the "Cityof Alachua" as they are both S-P-E-L-L-E-D the same? Ifyou are speaking of Alachua County then the correctpronunciation is "ah - LATCH- you - uh" If you aretalking with someone in the northwest side of the county, withinthe "City of Alachua" city limits on Main Street, you mayhear them say it differently! Business owners and residents in theCity of Alachua pronounce it " ah- LATCH - you -way" I don't know how to explain why some say itdifferently, but I am sure there is a good story behind the historyof how the word is spoken. Funny thing, here they pronounceit "ah-LATCH-you-Ay" on this website.

Who are Iran?

Iran is country, not a person. It is located in the eastern part of the Middle East.

How do you pronouce Uranus?

Kind of like (your-uh-nus) or (ur-uh-nus). It use to be (ur-anus). Pretty sure no one says that anymore though.

How do you pronouce 'the' in Chinese?

If you are saying how does someone with a thick Chinese accent say "the" in English, then they are most likely going to omit the "th" sound and replace it with a "d". So it would sound more like "deh" instead of "the", or "dee" instead of "the". . If you mean the Chinese equivalent for "the" in English, then the closest to that equivalent is 那個 (Nàgè). It actually means "that" (pronoun), but it can also act as "the" (article).

How do you pronouce bleve?

The word bleve does not appear in the dictionary. There is BLEVE which stands for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion. Some people abbreviate the word believe with bleve.

How do you pronouce meme?

Some people think it sounds like meh-meh, but it is actually pronounced: Me-me. (Me as in I - "Oh why me")

How do pronouce doig?

Doig is pronounced like soil, as in d 'oi'. The oi has the same sound as soil, boil, etc. The d has the same sound as in words like do, dog, doing, etc.