How do you properly clean cast iron pots and pans?

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Clean it with hot water right after cooking and scrub it with a mild abrasive scrub (if needed). Do not use detergent or soap or hard abrasives such as steelwool or hard scrubbing pads. It destroys the coating.
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How do you properly season and care for cast iron pots and pans?

Seasoning, Cleaning & Caring for Cast Iron Pans When the pan has cooled after use, wipe it clean with paper towels. Wash the pan in hot water quickly without soaking or so

How do you recondition cast iron pots and pans that were in a very hot house fire?

Answer . \nThoughly wash the pots and pans with dishwashing detergent. Dry the pots over heat (such as: on stovetop burner). Apply a generous coating of vegetable shortning

How can you clean burnt oil from a cast iron pot?

You can clean burnt oil from a cast iron pot by putting a bit ofwater in the pan, and placing it on the store. Let the water boil.As it does it should loosen the burnt on oil.

How do you clean a cast iron frying pan that has a moldy smell to it?

I collect old cast iron, so I've seen some pieces that are pretty rough. The moldy smell is often caused by a collection of old rancid oil on the piece. Contrary to common b

How do you clean cast iron bean pot?

wash it with hot soapy water and then put it on the stove with the heat down low and it will dry from the heat,otherwise if you let it air dry it will get rust inside of it.i

How can you get a cast iron pan?

Feeling nostalgic? I have found the best cast iron equipment at antique stores. Adds to the ambiance. Just make sure you "seal" them properly to keep them from rusting. Otherw

How do you clean cast iron pot and pans residue from a camp fire?

I have had to clean many pots and pans in the woods through my years of camping. Here are a few tips. If you season the inside and outside of your cast iron cookware, the res

How do you wash a cast iron pan?

I would suggest using just water and salt if you need an abrasive. Also, boiling water will help to take off food that is stuck. Using a dishsoap that is designed to remove gr

Why is a cast iron pan better?

Cast iron is well known for its even heating,heat retention, durability and value. Cast Iron Pan is naturallyNonstick. Easy to clean, Best for any kind of food & it isinexpens
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What are the best cast iron pans?

I would say lodge and and camp chef are pretty good brands of cast iron cookware. Le Creuset is suppose to be good also but it can be very expensive.
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Where can a cast iron pot be bought?

You can purchase large and small cast iron pots in most home ware stores and even by shopping online. Many places carry them and they are always easy to find.
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How to clean cast iron pan?

You can easily clean your cast iron pan. Washwith hot water, Use less amount of soap. After it, dry your pan orheat over the burner. Use some oil in the pan, for better cookin