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How do you push during childbirth?

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How do women die during childbirth?

The most common cause of death during child birth, even in developing countries is hemorraging. This can lead to hypovolemic shock, insufficient perfusion of vital organs and

How many Deaths during childbirth?

It certainly happens. One might be advised it has been used as a plot device- both past tense and recent past, in a number of Country and Western songs- always handled with re

How do you die to during childbirth?

There are a number of causes, during heavy labor- as with any exercise- there are strains on the heart, etc. bleeding can occur. there is also the possibility of blunt force t

Incision of the perinum during childbirth?

The incision of the perineum (area between the vagina and anus) is called an episiotomy. It is done when the head does not pass easily through the vagina or the midwife/obster