How do you put a layout on your IMVU homepage?

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There are many different sites that can offer you layouts for your imvu, the one i used was It tells you what you have to do on the site, you have to click on edit, Edit custom HTML/CSS and paste the code that you copied from the website. And there is your layout (: Hope i helped! xox
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Where can I get IMVU layouts?

You can get IMVU Layouts at many different websites, I'll try to help you trough this. First, we've, They've a large selection on layouts/codes, but EVE

How do you put pictures on you homepage on imvu like they are not stickers?

On your homepage panels, there are small tabs in the upper right hand corners of each panel which say edit. Click on it, and go to edit custom HTML/css, and make sure your ima

How do you put a video on your imvu homepage?

I've already done this before so i know its ganna work. all you have to do is pick any video from youtube right click it and it will say "Copy embed html" click tht and go to

How do i get a layout on my imvu homepage?

okay best site is well try this if not try myspace pimp my all you have to do is get a hlt you know a code for your page then go to your pages and p

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Where can find quizilla homepage layouts?

I'm truly sorry quizilla no longer hosts homepages because they have destroyed the site with their new format. For those who hate quizilla the is a new community dedcated as a

How do you put a MySpace layout in your imvu page?

You cant put a myspace layout on IMVU, but you can put an IMVU layout on your profile. Go to this website Once you get to the website
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Typ it in the chatroom Where youa re Youcan say Hello ANdd etc So you can say a cheat too its easly
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