How do you read military time?

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If the military time says something like 0100 hours, it means it is exactly 1am. This is because 01 is 1 in the morning, and 00 is the minutes past it. For pm times, such as 1400 hours, the first two numbers are on a 24-hour clock. 14 means 2pm, and 00 means there are no minutes past. If it says 1632 hours, the 16 means 4pm, and the 32 means 32 minutes past. Its quite easy when you understand. Hope I helped!
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Why is military time better to use?

Because you don't have to distinguish between AM and PM. 3:00am and 3:00pm are different so it's easier to say 0300 for AM and 1500 for PM and you can clearly see the difference.

Who created military time and why?

Military time is the 24 hour clock. It was created to avoid any confusion between similar sounding times such as 2:00am and 2:00pm. If this was sent over a radio with bad reception for instance! This would be 0200 hours and 1400 hours in military time.

How is military time used?

Answer. Military time is used as anyone would use time. The military uses a 24-hour clock. They would refer to 5:00pm as 1700. This helps to ensure that there is no confusion as to what time of day, morning or afternoon, that is meant.

What is Military time?

Time based on the 24 hour day. Instead of AM and PM, time is stated as 0800 for 8 AM, 1300 for 1 PM, 1900 for 7 PM, etc., and 2359 for 1 minute before midnight. Military time is - if the clock says it is 3:00 pm in our time, in milatary time it would say and be 15:00 pm hundred hours in military ti (MORE)

Does military time use the colon?

Space archive states that military time doesn't use a colon unlessshowing the seconds but does end with 'hours' so 1300:05 hourswould be 5 seconds after 1:00 PM.

What or where did military time come from?

The British Royal Navy adopted the 24-hour clock in 1915, and the other Allied armed forces followed soon after..- it is not actually called "military time" and in the British forces at least, it has been known as " Zulu time " since the early 1960's

How do you tell US military time?

From after midnight to 12 noon is simply the number in hundreds: 0100 is 1 a.m., etc. After noon, keep counting: 1200 is noon, 1300 is 1 p.m., 1500 is 3 p.m. It's international time, that's all. You might be thrown off by how it's pronounced: Oh-One-Hundred is 0100 (1 a.m.), Thirteen Hundred is 1300 (MORE)

When is the time to read?

In the evening when the sun is just about to set and you are relaxed and have a good book to read!

What is 17 in military time?

5:00 pm. The easy way to convert regular time to military time is to simply add 12 to the normal time after 12 noon. So for example 1 pm is 1300 because 12 + 1 = 13, and 5pm would be 1700 because 12 + 5 = 17 and so on up until 12 midnight which starts it over again at 0000.

You need to read a book and there is no time to read it?

You need to make the time. When you get a hour or other amount of time at school or at work while you are eating your lunch or some thing, read a book and be in your own world. Maybe read just before you go to bed or even in the car or even while you are watching the TV, it can be so simple .

How do you read a military pay chart?

On the left side of the pay chart you have all the Pay Grades from O-10 all the way down to E-1. On the top you have the Years in Service guide, locate your current pay grade and slide you finger over to the column in which best represents you current amount of time in service and that is you curren (MORE)

What is the military time?

The (US) military counts time from midnight to midnight in one continuous count. The day commences with 0001, and end at 2359. You civilians would count normally up to Noon. From 1:00 p.m, just add 12 to each of the numbers. For example, 1:00 p.m. would be 1300 hours (spoken aloud as 'thirteen h (MORE)

Origination of military time?

The 24 hour clock is not exclusive to the military. In fact, most of the world's population uses the 24 hour clock, rather than the 12 hour clock common to the United States, Canada, and a couple other countries, whose usage goes back for centuries. The US military probably picked it up from the (MORE)

1023 am in military time?

10:23 a.m. The military time system counts all 24 hours of the day, so there is no 'a.m.' or 'p.m.' Instead, you continue after 12:00 p.m. all the way back to midnight, which is '0000' in military time. For example, 1:30 p.m. is 1330 and 2:45 p.m. is 1445. 1:30 a.m. is 0130, and 2:45 a.m. is 0245. I (MORE)

What year was military time invented and why?

The ancient Egyptians divided the day into 24 hours. There are diagrams of circles divided into 24 sections in the astronomical ceiling in the tomb of Senemut. Sundials use some or all of the 24 hour dial, because they measure the position of the sun in the sky. Sometimes, for artistic rather than (MORE)

Was Rome's military the best at the time?

Yes, it definitely was the best in its time. This was due to its famous discipline and its superior weaponry. They also had a bulldog determination to win. If they were beaten, and they were at times, they would keep coming back until they wore the enemy down and conquered.

What is 0400 hours in military time?

0400 hours in military time is 4 a.m. in the civilian world. However the US Marine Corps does not use the term 'hours'; they would call it '0400.' The Army and Air Force would say '0400 hours.' 4:00 a.m.

Do use a colon in military time?

No need to. Example: 4:00 p.m. is 1600 hours. 16 is the 16th hour of the day, which is 4: p.m. Additionally, 4:15 is 1615 hours, 16 being the 16th hour of the day and 15 being the 15th minute of the hour. 161525 is the 16th hour of the day, 15 is the 15th minute of the hour, and 25 is the 25th se (MORE)

How do you calculate military time?

Conversion from 12-hour time to 24-hour time: . Is the time AM or PM? . AM: Is the hour 12? . Yes: Subtract 12 from the hour (make it 0). . No: The hour stays the same. . PM: Is the hour 12? . Yes: The hour stays the same. . No: Add 12 to the hour. . If the hour is one digit, add (MORE)

What time is 14.30 time in military time?

It is 2:30 in the afternoon. The military clock just uses a 24 hour clock instead of AM and PM. So if the day starts at midnight the first hour after midnight that you would call 1AM is 0100 in military time and so on. Noon becomes 1200 and 1:00PM is the 13th hour so it is 1300 and so on.

What time is 3am military time?

Zero-three hundred, or "0" three hundred. It is always the number, never the letter. for instance "O-three hundred hours" (pronounced "Oh-three hundred") would be very incorrect and completely inaccurate.

What is 1400 in military time?

1400 military time is the same as 2 p.m. in the civilian world, although it is worth noting that many European countries use military time in train schedules and airline arrivals and departures. Additionally, with the military spread throughout the world, it is common to use the local time zone; e.g (MORE)

What is 5am in military time?

5 a.m. in military time is '0500' if you are a U.S. Marine, or '0500 hours' if you are a member of the Army or Air Force. When used in a written form, it is common to add the time zone; e.g; "the attack will commence 0500 (local), led by..." 0500

What time is military 0800 hours?

8 am. Any military time less than 1300 is the simple time in hours (first two digits) and minutes (last two digits) in the morning if the first two digits are less than twelve or afternoon if the first two digits are twelve. When the first two digits are equal two or greater than 13 then, (MORE)

What time is 2240 military time?

10:40pm 12:00 or 1200 hours (12 noon), plus 10 hours = 2200 or 2200 hours, plus 40 or 40 minutes. 2240 or 2240 hours = 10:40pm

What time is 1653 in military time?

1t's 4:53 in the afternoon. From the #12 you start counting till you get to 16.... 12 - 13, 14, 15, 16 = 4 - remember Don't count the nunmber 12 You have 4 then you just keep the seconds the same so the time is 4:53 in the afternoon. 4:53 am would be 0453 because you neither add nor subtract 12. 1 (MORE)

Why was Military time created?

It largely has to do with eliminating confusion over times. 1300 hours can only be one time. Saying "one o'clock" can mean two different times.

How did military time originated?

Actually, what many Americans call "Military Time" (which is primarily used and called that in the United States & Canada), is a simply a perversion of the Official World Standard time (ISO 8601), used in most of the world (esp in Europe). Whereas, Americans prefer the AM (Ante-Meri-dian) & PM (Pos (MORE)

What is the military time for midnight?

Since military time follows universal time (sometimes referred to as civilian time) with some formatting changes, both 0000 and 2400 are correct. According to the 1884 International Conference for the purpose of fixing a prime meridian and a universal day the day is to "be counted from zero to twent (MORE)

What time is 50.30 in military time?

"Military time" is no different from "civilian time", except that it uses a 24 hour clock rather than a 12 hour clock. There is no "50:30", since there are only 24 hours in a day.

How do you use military time in Excel?

You can format normal time to military time. For example you couldhave the time entered as: 13:00 If you then press Ctrl-1 to bring you to format cells and then goto Number and then Custom, you can change the format to: hmm It will now display the time as: 1300

What is 8 pm in military time?

In 24-hour time, also called "Zulu time", 08:00pm is expressed as20:00. In military jargon, it would be pronounced, "twenty-hundredhours).

What was the military hierarchy of Shakespeare's time?

Military hierarchies tend to be much the same everywhere in every time: small, manageable units under a commander are placed under the command of a higher commander, and these larger groups are placed under the command of even higher commanders. The terminology and precise size of these groups chang (MORE)

What time is 2115 in military time?

21:15 in military time is the same as 9:15pm in traditional time. To convert from military time, the hours up to 12 are the same asnormal time, they are just all AM times. For anything above 12, subtract 12, but then count it as a PM time.