How do you recharge a 1993 Toyota Camry air conditioner?

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Rechargeable kits u buy at the counter will not work b/c your Camry has an older refrigerant (R-12) vs R-134A. All newer vehicles starting in 1994-5 and has the newer type, so you can buy those kits and add on yourself. I recommend asking around to see if your mechanic can buy those older refrigerant and charge it for you. Tools will be needed to extract the refrigerant and you will not have it at home, so it is best left for the mechanic. The kits u buy at the counter will be just a temporary fix (but it does not apply to your car model). If your system has a leak, then those kits will be worthless. You can check to see if your car still have any refrigerant by looking a the right (driver side) side of the exhaust manifold. When running A/C it should have bubbles coming up. If you know nothing about cars but doing oil change and some very basics I would not do it myself.
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what u do is look for the ac line for a cap on the cap is a L and a H u take off the L cap and use a ac refiller form walmart and make sure it stay in the green when u refill