How do you repair locked seatbelt?

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You have screw something out then take it to a car center to tell them how to put it back together
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How do you repair the inside lock on a 1987 Honda Prelude?

I too own a 1987 2.0Si. Both inside door locks were broken when I got the car for $400 US. I have since replaced the lock flappers from the wrecking yard. There is no other way to repair this as the flappers are made cheaply in a flimsy plastic. You do have to disassemble the door panels for access. (MORE)

Is it expensive to repair a seatbelt motor on a 1990 Mazda 626 mx6?

No, not at all. You can get them used on eBay for $35 or from a junkyard. The motor connects to a belt that runs above your door. The belt runs through a track. Usually you buy the whole motor along with the belt and track all as one set for $35 because it is tricky to replace just the motor because (MORE)

How to repair Astra seatbelts?

I hope you never have an accident in a car,but if you do,would you want to trust your life to an amateur repair on a seatbelt?Don't even think about it,buy new. . Most vauxhalls from around the mid-nineties had pyrotechnic (explosive)seat belt tensioners which activated like an airbag would to keep (MORE)

How do you repair a Toyota Corolla power lock?

I need to know how to repair the power lock on my corola dx 95 rear right door the door panel must be removed there is a electronic lock solenoid that controls the lock eods to door latch. if it grinds or makes noise replace solenoid if there is no noie check for a 12volt signal at plgs to lock sol (MORE)

How do you repair a Windstar door lock actuator?

Repair would be to replace and I have no direct knowledge of the 99 model but my 2001 wasn't so hard and I would guess that the 99 will be a similar replacement. * Remove the door panel, on the 2001 it's 2 screws located on the inside door handle, 2 on the bottom and one at the top near the mir (MORE)

How to repair a locked rear center seatbelt for 2000 VW Golf?


How to repair locking hubs on a 1988 Ford F-150?

Answer . once you remove the locking hub assembly and lockrings the rotor-hub assembly comes off in one piece. The rotors are pressed onto the hubs. You will need to take them to a brake repair shop or machine shop to get them seperated. I've done it at home by hammering out the wheel lug studs b (MORE)

How do you repair the drive side power door lock assembly?

just got done changing one.. its not hard at all. behind the handle is a plug in the plastic, remove carefully and take the screw out. after that you must push forward on the assembly, careful not to force to hard, you may break the plastic clips behind it once it is out remove the plastic hanger on (MORE)

How do you repair a passenger rear door lock?

Answer . \n. \nEveryone should have a manual, and the library should have a professional shop manual available for copies in the reference section (FOR FREE) up and fix 'em like the pro's...! :)\n. \nDave

How do you repair power door locks on a 1988 Ford Thunderbird?

Answer . You need to first check your relays to make sure they are passing power, then check your switches to see if they are passing power, and if so, you will need to remove the interior panel on the door, (Some plastic clips and a couple screws/bolts located near the door opening lever should (MORE)

If a 2000 Elantra airbags are deployed and seat belts are locked how do you replace the seatbelts and will the seatbelts work if airbag light is still on?

Replacing the seatbelts involves removing several interior trim panels, unfortunately almost all of them, starting from the front. If the seatbelt will no longer retract, it is non-functioning and needs replacement. Seat belts should ALWAYS be replaced after an accident involving airbag deployment. (MORE)

Repairing rear door lock 1993 GM Safari?

If the bottom doors unlock but the top hatch stays locked remove the paneling from inside the vehicle on the back doors. check through the wire near where the hatch meets the frame at the top of the van. Its likely that the wires have been cut through do to bending.

How do you repair the glove box lock on a 1997 Jetta?

My glove box latch handle fell off about a month ago. The latching pins had loosened and let the handle fall out. I couldn't figure out how to push them back into place without replacing the whole glove box door. And after reading the FYI, I knew I didnt want to do that. Today I just fixed it. Took (MORE)

How do you repair the lock for the key for a 1991 Subaru Legacy?

If you're trying to use an old/used door lock to replace one on your car, you can take it to an automotive locksmith. The chrome cap will have to be removed and replaced and the wafers in the lock will have to be matched to your existing key. You can then install the lock in your vehicle and your ol (MORE)

Repair double glazing window lock?

I suggest you contact a local repairer, in Thomson or etc. look under heading "Double Glazing Repairs". or if you can remove it from the window, and identify if its an espagnolette type (when you turn the handle it moves several locking cams) or a cockspur handle, which just catches on to (MORE)

How do you repair a locked rear center seatbelt for gti 2000 VW Golf?

A locked rear center seat belt on a 2000 VW Golf GTI can berepaired by unsticking the mechanism. The best way to do this is tospray it with a lubricant like WD-40 and then take a long needleand poke into the locking mechanism. The seat belt is probablyjammed because something is caught in the latch. (MORE)

How do you repair a pass lock sensor on a 2001 Malibu?

don't think you can, i had the pass lock problem where the anti-driver/ anti-theft light will flash and make you wait 15 mins w/ your car on accessory before starting, because it thinks your trying to steal your own car. i lived it w/ it for almost a yr of it happening anywhere from 1x-8x a week, be (MORE)

How do you repair a 1967 Porsche 912 door lock?

There are several areas that could go wrong. The lock cylinder, the short forked arm that connects the lock cylinder to the inner door latch, and the actuator rod to the lock knob on the door top interior panel. Replacement parts for the plastics that hold actuator rods are available through many on (MORE)

How do you repair a manual car door lock when the key will not turn?

The first thing is to lubricate the keyhole with something like WD40 or a liquid base graphite solution usually available at home depot or auto part stores. If that does not work,you need to get the Vehicle Identification Number or V.I.N. and contact the dealer of the brand vehicle. They will be (MORE)

How do you repair door lock on 1998 ford xlt truck?

Door Panels . Removal & Installation . 1. Remove the sail panel (Front Doors Only). . 2. Remove the door panel by carefully lifting the panel upward to release the retaining clips.. 3. Remove the electrical plugs that control the windows, exc.. Fix or replace door lock.. The installation is th (MORE)

How do you repair locked rear seatbelt?

Hey. If you can access the back of the roller there may be a barthat runs from one side of the roller to the other side of theroller,this bar locks the roller up in a collision or during severebraking,you can usually lift or rotate this bar and then pull thebelt out from there to then untangle the b (MORE)

Who can repair a locked stering wheel?

Try jiggling the steering wheel as you turn the key. Once the key is turned there is nothing left that locks the steering wheel so if you still cannot turn the wheel the problem is probably in the steering gear. Any halfway decent mechanic can repair it.

Where can car door locks be repaired?

Car door locks can be repaired in many different places. Some places one can go for it are Manta, Tucson, Car Locksmith, etc. In addition, one can look for information about how to do it oneself.