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i think replying to a love proposal..
is by think of the way he/she makes you feel, and ask yourself what makes you love him/her
and do you really wanna spent life with him/her?
ask your self that and you'll get the answer to yes or no
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What is a proposal?

It all depends on the context - in terms of a personal  relationship, a proposal is when a person asks another person to  marry them. In business, it could mean a suggestion

I sent a girl love letter I Love You she replied don't send such type of greetings?

you should not send a love letter to a girl unless you know her very well and she knows you too. still writing love letter is old fashioned girls really dont like it . the bet

Are love marriages better than proposal marriages?

not necessarily, sometimes proposal marriages involve love enough to work just aswell. Proposals often add more pressure onto a relationship though. But if theres a lot of lov

Is it replys or replies?

The plural of the noun reply is replies. The present tense, third-person singular of the verb is also replies.

What is the reply for bonjour?

You say, "Woooooah there buddy you need to calm your baguette down its making a tent ;)))))))" Keep your baguette in your pants buddy

How do you reply to shayari?

‎"Karke dil ka sheesha choor aise behte hai huzoor jaise jaante nahi..pehchaante nahi.... Liye aankhon mein ghuroor aise behte hai huzoor jaise jaante nahi..pehchaante nah

Do you say In the reply or for the reply to Anne?

Both are terms, but for different aspects of a reply. You would decide what form and language to use "for the reply to Anne." If you were describing the contents of the reply,
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My boyfriend I are together for 2 years he shows with actions that he loves me but he has never say it aloud.I said I love him casually on an email but he only replied with sweet words and no Lword?

  If you've been together for two years and he's never said he loves you, I would wonder why. Have you asked him? It might be a good idea to communicate with him, letting