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How do you reply a love proposal?

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i think replying to a love proposal..
is by think of the way he/she makes you feel, and ask yourself what makes you love him/her
and do you really wanna spent life with him/her?
ask your self that and you'll get the answer to yes or no
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I sent a girl love letter I Love You she replied don't send such type of greetings?

you should not send a love letter to a girl unless you know her very well and she knows you too. still writing love letter is old fashioned girls really dont like it . the bet

Are love marriages better than proposal marriages?

not necessarily, sometimes proposal marriages involve love enough to work just aswell. Proposals often add more pressure onto a relationship though. But if theres a lot of lov

What is the reply for how do you do?

We use "How do you do?" when we meet someone 1st time. It's aformal greeting and a reply is not necessary. It's used as "Namaste". the reply of 'Namaste' is 'Namaste'. thenrep

Did not replied or did not reply?

Did not reply.    When you use did it shows the tense not the verb.  So did not replied is not correct because  did and replied are both in past  tense

How do you reply to?

team player   detail oriented   focused on the job at hand   expand knowledge of job   loyal   honesty   integrity

How do I propose my love to a girl of 17 years?

Take a walk in the park and near a fountain (this would be just like a movie) sit on a bench and say "lets talk about you and me and how much I love you" and then get down on

How do you propose love to a girl?

My experance with this are limited but my best way to do it is be confident, yourself, and do it in public non extravagance works the best. Whatever you do never use this pick
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How to Reply to how are you?

Say I'm fine and ask the person how they are doing. If it is a girl you like then after that you must get the conversation going so she doesn't get bored try and tell her some