How do you restore a dell back to factory settings?

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Hold (Ctrl) whille tapping (F11) at the Dell Start up screen. When it asked for Reboot or Restore, Selecting Restore will return your Dell system to factory settings. Warning there is now going back after the rebuild is started.
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How do restore the computer back to the factory pont?

When the computer is booting up, press F11 and Ctrl over and over. That takes you to a screen that can guide you from there You cant restore every computer. It has to have recovery partition. And F11 and CTRL only works for Dell (I could be wrong, that's from memory) whereas Acer is CTRL/ALT F10 (MORE)

How do you restore factory settings on lg chocolate?

unlock lg chocolate / factory reset . \nTo Unlock LG Chocolate.\n. \n1. Insert SIM . Turn on phone,\n3. On home Screen, Slide up phone,\n4. Type 2945#*#\n5. ENG. Mode menu should appear,\n6. Go Down to Factory Reset Select it, may take a few minutes to reset!\n7. This will reset the phone back (MORE)

How do you restore your iPod to factory settings?

On my Ipod... which is a mini (they don't even make them anymore), I just had to toggle the on and off slider a whole bunch. It worked, I just am not sure exactly how many times I had to do it.

How can you restore your computer back to factory settings without using any kid of CD?

Okay, you may or may not be able to do this. Let me give some details. Many computer manufacturers, rather than including a windows or restore cd, will instead put a special partition on the hard disk that includes all the data needed to restore the system to factory default settings. This is not (MORE)

How do you restore dell to factory settings?

Step 1 of 4: Backup important files & data Start -> Control Panel -> in Control Panel , click System and Maintenance, and then click Back Up and Restore Center. Under Backup files or your entire computer , click Back up files. If a user account window appears, and you are prompted a adm (MORE)

How do you restore Dell with Vista to factory settings?

You have to press and hold F8 when computer starts. If you did everything right, you will see a menu where you can find "Load last successful restore point", also you can chose which restore point to use (it will work only in case if you have restore points saved). you can also do return to factor (MORE)

If you backed up your hard drive and reformatted your computer will the back up restore your OS settings and evertying such as background or resolution or will it all be back to factory settings?

Unfortunately, 'backed up' is far too vague to give a straight answer, but the likely answer is "no" and you should, generally, be very wary about attempting to copy a previous OS installation over the top of a later installation. If you actuall mean 'I made an image of my disk, then wiped it and (MORE)

How do you restore factory settings on a toshiba laptop without CD's?

On newer Toshiba's (2007+) try pressing the 0 [zero] button down when you start the machine. This should give you some Factory recovery options. If you get no joy from this then you could try the answer below, but the Load OPTIMAL DEFAULT button will reset your bios, not your operating system (to (MORE)

How do you restore the Nintento DSi to factory settings?

Format System memory in the setting and features section. It will wipe all added data off your dsi, you can not get them back though. Previously bought items on the dsi shop i believe can be restored for free unless they are no longer available.

How do you restore the computer to factory setting?

you may need to format your PC which will erase everything on the hard drive, then you can re-install windows from your disc that comes supplied with the computer and re-install all the programmes you need (im assuming that you have discs to reinstall these programmes that came pre-installed on the (MORE)

How do you restore your dell computer back to factory settings?

It will require a FULL system reboot, then you will need to install what ever edition of windows you were running and then any other things will need to be restored. just make sure you have back up files of your work,pictures,videos music, that kind of stuff because it iwll all go. Or you could just (MORE)

How do I Restore my Acer aspire 5315 to factory settings?

Well i have an acer aspire 5630 laptop and have restored it to its factory settings by pressing alt f10 when i first start my computer and the white acer screen comes on, then i followed the instructions and its good as new, you could give it a try but it completely wiped the acer.c drive.

How do you restore computer back to factory point?

You would have to reinstall windows or mac depending on which you have. If you paid for the back-up disks when you bought the computer you can use those, otherwise you will need to get a copy elsewhere.

How do you restore lg x120 notebook to factory setting?

On startup you will see a promt that says hit F11 to start LG recovery, do this, and it will bring you to a screen after a small wait. Click the recovery option, choos ethe factory image that should be in your laptop, as it is hidden in thez drive (a safe location) then click restore, this will wipe (MORE)

How do you restore a Windows Vista Zoostorm computer to factory settings without a back-up disc?

Procedure to access hidden part ion Vista Home Premium Zoostorm Q6600: . Switch on your computer tapping on the F8 key while it starts. A menu " advanced boot options " will be displayed. . Select "repair my PC" and press enter, system recovery options will be displayed. Select " advanc (MORE)

How do you restore a dell latitude D630 to factory settings?

To restore a Dell Latitude D630 back to the factory settings youneed to open your computers System Restore utility. From the Startbutton in Windows type System Restore. Once you find your utilityselect Restore and Restore System to Factory Default.

How do you restore a dell XPS 200 using windows XP media center version 2005 to factory settings I have a operating system disc that is called a reinstallation DVD from dell?

Note when you perform this all data will be lost and should be backed up before performing this operation!!! Also make sure you have your dell driver CD or DVD if not go to and click home, desktop or laptop, support, then drivers, enter the service code and download all ur drivers and bu (MORE)

How do you bring a dell inspiron 1720 to factory settings?

The details of this depend on what operating system you are running (XP, Vista, 7, Linux, etc), but in general you will need the operating system's installation disc that should have come with the computer. Insert and run the disc, and you should see an option to restore your computer to default fac (MORE)

How do you restore Acer aspire 3680 to factory settings?

shut off your computer. restart it, tapping the f12 key. it should load up a wizard to take you through the steps. if not, restart press f1 or f2 (which ever is your setup) and go over until you see a "enable f12 multiboot on start up" (or something like that) and click enter over it and switch it (MORE)

What does 'restore to factory settings' mean in Windows 7?

By restoring the factory settings of your computer, you are essentially returning the data on your computer to the state that it was in when you first bought it (or installed Windows 7, if you had another operating system previously). Restoring factory settings can be very useful for those who wis (MORE)

How do you restore computer to factory setting without disc?

By following the directions that came with your computer. I don't know what kind of computer you have, so I couldn't even begin to tell you what precise steps to take, or if it's even possible at all... many new computers give you instructions for making your own recovery discs, and if you chose not (MORE)

How to put PC back to factory setting?

to put xp back to factory settings 1)shut down your pc. 2)let it sit foe about 30 seconds. 3)power your pc back up and hit ctrl&f11 at the same time and follow on screen commands.

How do you get my laptop back to factory settings?

hopefully you created back up disks when you just bought your computer and when it had it's factory settings. But also most brands have a recovery partition that they made to bring your computer back to factory settings. but some brands just have a basic partition that will just bring your software (MORE)

How do you restore a Dell latitude D600 to factory settings?

To restore a Dell Latitude D600 to factory settings, make sure there is a restore partition available. If there is, reboot the computer and press controll and F11 when the Dell logo appears. This will place the computer in restore mode and will be completely restored to it's factory state.

How can one restore an iPod to factory settings?

If one would like to erase their iPod and restore to factory settings, there are a few simple rules to follow. Make sure that iTunes is the latest version and connect the iPod to the computer. Once connected, click "restore", from there one must follow all the prompts to make sure the iPod is comple (MORE)

How can a Dell PC be restored to factory settings?

There are step-by-step instructions on the Dell website that help to restore their computers to factory settings. Another way is reformatting your computer after backing up the information you still wish to keep.

How can you restore your Windows 7 Acer Laptop back to factory settings?

Depending on the model there is several ways to restore your Acer.Acer machines for the consumer market running Windows 7 have abuilt in recovery tool named eRecovery, run it and it will guideyou through the process. If one can not use this program for anyreason one could use the DVD's following man (MORE)

How can i restore factory settings?

I have a laptop with windows 8 on it. It will not except anypassword I type in it to open up my computer so I can use it. Cananyone tell my how I can restore the computer back to it's factorysettings since I can't even get into the search or anything.