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How do you return a found social security card to owner with no available phone number or address?

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Mail or take the card to your nearest Social Security office, and turn it over to them.
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How can you locate your friend's address using her social security number?

Answer . You have no right to her Social Security #!!!! This is against the privacy act and you could get into big trouble. It would make her angry and I can't say I'd b

Where can you go to get a Social Security card and number?

To get a card, you have to apply at your local social securityoffice. Look in the phone book for the location in your town or goon-line and use their social security office lo

How do you find out who is using your Social Security number on their tax returns?

If you suspect fraud or illegal usage of your SSN, you can contact IRS or the Social Security Administration, and they will conduct an investigation. Other than that do not ex

What can you do with the number on back of your Social Security card?

Absolutely nothing. The code is a "sequential control number" placed at the time the stock card was printed, but before it was assigned to anyone. The distribution pattern can

How do you get a new social security card when you can't remember your social security number?

You need the same documents as you needed for the original in order to obtain a replacement card. These include some combination of the following: . U.S. driver's license;

How many numbers does a social security card have?

A social security number has nine digits in the pattern 123-45-6789. There are other places that numbers may appear on the actual card, but they don't have any real significan

What does the number in your social security card stand for?

The red numbers on the back of a social security card are control numbers that verify the authenticity of the card. They serve no other purpose.

What does Excel treats phone numbers and social security numbers as?

Initially it may treat them as numbers, but ideally they should betreated as text. This is because they are not like ordinary numbersas they may start with zero or have other