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How do you return a found social security card to owner with no available phone number or address?

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Mail or take the card to your nearest Social Security office, and turn it over to them.
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How can you get an unsecured credit card without a Social Security number?

There is no US law requiring social security numbers to get a credit card. Banks do it out of convenience so they don't have to obtain extra information to give you a card. Yo

Can you get a credit card without a Social Security number?

There are a few things you should read and understand before you read my answer to this question at the bottom of this response. Today Banks and Credit Card companies will try

How many numbers does a social security card have?

A social security number has nine digits in the pattern 123-45-6789. There are other places that numbers may appear on the actual card, but they don't have any real significan

Can someone use their Social Security number to connect a phone for someone else?

Your Social Security number is yours to use for a lifetime. If you find out that someone else has used it notify the Social Security Office immediately. No one can use their

Why can you not laminate a social security card?

According to the SSA website FAQ, it is not illegal to laminate your card, just strongly discouraged, as lamination will disable several security features built into the card.

What are the requirements to get a social security card?

If you have never had a social security card before and you are age 12 or older and born in the U.S. Complete an Application For A Social Security Card (Form SS-5); andShow t

What does the red number on the back of a Social Security card mean?

Red Number Reality According to a presentation given by Donald F. Walton, United States Trustee for Region 21 (Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands) to a

Can you photocopy a Social Security card?

Of course you can. You can photocopy any document. The real question is will it be accepted in lieu of the original document. The answer to that is most likely no.

When does your social security card expire?

Your social security card never expires. You will  only need a new one if you are legally changing your name or it has  been lost or stolen. However, your social security nu

Can you get another social security card?

  Yes, usually by simply visiting the nearest Social Security office with a current picture ID issued by a state or government office, and your birth certificate. If you n