How do you save farts in a jar?

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the key is to get the lid on real tight and real quick.
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What is a jar?

A jar is a type of container, usually in a cylinder shape.

Can you save farts?

Yes. Bottle them in old Coke bottles for the best results if you want to keep them long.
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Can you save farts in a jar?

I farted in a mason jar when I was 18 , got the lid on real quick , gave it to my buddy to open 7 yrs later and it was the most raunchy fart he ever smelt
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How do you fart in a jar and save for later on to smell?

The weirdness of the question is matched only by my nuttiness giving this enough thought to come up with an answer. Go figure. Sit in a tub and have some jars and lids handy.