How do you say Iraq in Iraq?

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Iraq is not a language. Iraqis speak Arabic and the name for Iraq in Arabic is Al-Iraq which is pronounced Al-ee-raw-k.
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Where is Iraq?

It's in the Middle East; between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Check a map of the Middle East for more info. It is located in the middle east Middle East, bordering th

Why are we in Iraq?

for oil. the official reason is that we are trying to establish democracy/peace there (Iraq never asked us for democracy, that isn't necessarily the best form of govt.). 2nd

Were is Iraq?

Iraq is in some part of Asia, you should look on google to look for a map for asia. . Iraq is part of the Middle East, which is part of Asia.. It is:. South of eastern Tur

How do you say hello in Iraq?

I am from Iraq my name is Abdulrahman so i know how you say hello in my language we say elu it is a bit like french but you pronounce it differently we do say salamun alaikum

How do you say fire in Iraq?

Well Iraq's official language is Arabic. Fire in Arabic isالنار and pronounced An-Nar.
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How do you say gum in Iraq?

Iraq is a multilingual country. In the Arabic-speaking portions they use the word 3alka (علكة). In the Kurdish speaking portions the word is Benîşt (بن
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How do you say good day in Iraq?

you have to convert it to Arabic. search for an audio English to Arabic translator. مرحبا
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How do you say 'i love you' in Iraq?

Iraq has three main languages and numerous minority tongues. Thetwo main languages are Iraqi Arabic, Kurmanji Kurdish, and SoraniKurdish. In Iraqi Arabic, the most common lang