How do you say goodbye and good luck young lady in Italian?

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Arrivederci/addio e Buona fortuna ragazza/signorina.
Giovane donna, the literal translation of young lady is also correct but it sounds stilted here. Addio is a more definitive salutation, like farewell in English. Dio is God, a means to, so it literally means 'to god'. Arrivederci is like goodbye and is more formal than ciao. A-(r)ri-vederci=to-again-to see-(to) us. Signorina is more formal than ragazza (girl). Signorina means piccola signora (little lady), -ina makes a diminutive and corresponds to young. Fortuna means luck, you have this word in English too, but you use only to mean destiny, fate: fortune. Fortunate is fortunato in Italian.
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What is 'goodbye and good luck' in Italian?

Ciao e buona fortuna is an Italian equivalent of 'Goodbye and good luck'. In the word by word translation, the interjection 'ciao' means 'hello' and 'goodbye'. The conjunct

How do you say goodbye and good luck in Japanese?

Sayonara is goodbye- as in many languages, with overtones of ( Until we meet again) that is, continuity, like the French Au Revoir, and the German Auf Widersehen, lit, until w
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How do you say good luck and goodbye?

Un yoku, sayonara. (運良く, さようなら.) hope this helps. I only know japanese, and i don't know which language you wan't to know.