How do you say thank you in Korean?

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There are quite a few different ways to express "thank you" in the Korean language. Some of the most common are:
  • 감사합니다 (kamsahamnida) - formal
  • 고맙습니다 (komapseumnida) - formal
  • 고마워 (gomawo) - casual
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How do you say thank you?

depends on the situation. a simple verbal "Thank you" is enough for social interaction. if someone did something very nice you could send them a card, a gift, money. just to say thank you for whatever they did.

How do you say 'hi' in Korean?

It's " An nyong(안녕)" between friends. "An nyong" also means Bye. To older people, we have respect form " An nyong ha se yo(안녕하세요)" hi how are you?

How do you say 'how are you' in Korean?

There are a few different ways to say 'how are you?' in Korean. A few common ways are:. 당신은 어떻게 지내요? ( dangsin-eun eotteohke jinaeyo?) - formal; commonly used in writing . 어떻게 지내세요? (eotteohke jinaeseyo?) - polite (MORE)

How do you say thank you in Korean language?

There are several answers depending on the honorifics: Polite: Kamshaeyo Kamashamnida Gomawo yo Komapseumnida Informal: Gomawo Kamsa. The most common would be 감사합니다 (kamsahamnida). .

How do you say thanks?

~Say thanks or thank you in person or by phone ~Get flowers or chocolates for the person you're thanking ~Write a letter, email or SMS to thank the person ~Describe what you appreciate about what the person did ~Do something nice for the person in return ~Give money ~Be warm and welcoming and sincer (MORE)

Why do you have to say thank you?

If someone does something nice for you or helped you in any way then you should acknowledge with a 'thank you' for the time they took to help you out. It's a matter of respect and good etiquette.

How do you write thanks in Korean?

고마워 = (gomawo) casual way of saying thanks 고맙습니다 (gomapseumnida) / 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida) = formal way

How do you say what to do in Korean?

"뭐하지?" Mwuh-ha-jee? or "뭐 할까?" Mwuh-hal-kka? Not sure what you mean when you say "what to do?" Do you mean this as an expression of despair? If this is the case you should say, Od do ka myun cho ah. (What is the best action under these circumstances) If your saying (MORE)

Why do we say thank you?

it depends upon the circumstances. We say thank you because we aregrateful for the person we have addressed our thank you. Thank youfor your question!

How do you say get out in Korean?

The Korean way of saying get out is "na ga" naga is when you talk to people your age or younger "na ga se yo"is when you speak to older people than yourself.

When do you say thank you?

You should say thank you any time someone does something nicefor you, or any time you want to express appreciation forsomething.

How do you say I am in Korean?

Nah Nhun (나는)(silent h's) or Nahn (난)(silent h) (there's also similar ways to say it - it depends...). Also, "난" (pronounce like American "non") Here I am. = 여기 있습니다. (Yeo-gi iss-seum-ni-da.) You can also state your noun and then end it with "ì (MORE)

How do you say 'I' in Korean?

There are two common ways to say "I" in Korean: 나 (na) - informal 저 (cheo) - formal They both use the TOPIC marker 는 (neun), and become 나는 (naneun) and 저는 (cheoneun). . Examples:. 저는 사과를 좋아합니다 (cheoneu (MORE)

How do you say i am learning Korean in Korean?

저는 한국어 배우고 I am learning Korean I am learning Korean 저는 한국어를 배우고 있습니다. (this is the complete sentence)

How do you say 'do you speak Korean' in Korean?

Two ways of saying 'do you speak Korean?' in Korean are:. 한국말 하세요? (hangugmal haseyo?) - polite; used when speaking to adults or people of a higher status than you . 한국말 해? (hangugmal hae?) - casual; used when speaking to people of an equal o (MORE)

How do you say I'm not Korean in Korean?

난 대한민국 사람이 아닙니다. (pronounced as: nan dae han min goog sa ram i anib nida) You can also say that you can't speak Korean by: 전 한국어를 못합니다.( pronounced as: jeon han goog eo rel mot hab ni da) I am (MORE)

How do you say 'I do not speak Korean' in Korean?

A few different ways to say "I don't speak Korean" in Korean are:. 저는 한국어를 못합니다 (jeo-neun hangukeo-reul motamnida) . 한국말 수 없습니다 (hangukmal su eobseumnida) . 나는 한국말 못해ì (MORE)

How do you say 'thank you' and 'sorry' in Korean?

The phrase 'thank you' and 'sorry' in Korean are:. Thank you -. 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida) - formal . 고마워 (gomawo) - casual . Sorry -. 죄송합니다 (joesunghamnida) - formal . 미안헤 (mianhae) - casual .

How do you say dinner in Korean?

만찬 ( man Chan ) .. please someone correct me if I'm wrong ^^ Edit: That's wrong. It's 저녁 식사. Juh-Nyuk Shik-sah.

How do you say laptop in Korean?

In Korea, they call laptops "notebooks." (for some reason.). Computer = 컴퓨터 = come-pyu-tuh. Laptop = 노트북 = no-t-book. (im korean btw).

How do you say Tigress in Korean?

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How do you say Korean in Chinese?

Korea = 韓國 Hán guó Korean (people) = 韓國人 Hánguó rén To say, "this is a Korean product" (object): 這是韓國的產品 Zhè shì hán guó de chǎn pǐn

Do you say thanks alot or thanks a lot?

Personally, I would go for number 2: Thanks a lot. The reason is that the indefinite article 'a' cannot be attached to a preceding or following word or phrase, (i.e. independent.) Hope it helped!

Translate my Name to Korean please its Dwight please and thank you?

명. 드와이트, 남자 이름; 미국 몇몇 소도시의 이름 The name Dwight is short for De Witt (as in De Witt Clinton), which means The White One in Dutch. The way you would say this in Korean would be: Huinsalam.

How do you say hello in the Korean language?

안녕 = An nyoung = hello, informal 안녕하세요 = An nyoung ha seh yo = hello, formal 여보세요 = yaw bo seh yo = hello on a telephone

How do you say you're gay in korean?

There would never be a need to say this in any language, since a gay person would already know they are gay. If you mean it as an insult, I suggest you use another site to get your information.

How can you say never mind in Korean?

걱정하지마(guk jung ha ji ma) means "No worry" 아무것도 아니야 (a mu gut do ania) "It's not a big deal" 신경 쓰지마 (sin gyung ssu ji ma) "never mind"

How do you say you're kind in Korean?

informal- ne chin jeol ha da 너 친절하다 formal- dang xin cham chin jeol ha si nae yo. 당신 참 친절하시네요.

How did you say 'how are you' in Korean?

There is no way of saying "how are you" in Korean. The whole thing of saying "how are you" is someting American (or should I say Western, as I know German and Spanish have their equivalents as well), and thus is not elligible for translation. If you want to say "how are you" as in asking someone (MORE)

How do you say i'am in pain in Korean?

naega apahaeyo 내가 아파해요 I'm Korean, and that's what I would say. It might be slang, I'm not sure, but people should be able to understand regardless.

How do you say i miss you sister in Korean?

if you are younger sister/brother you should say 언니 / 누나 보고 싶어요 Unni(use for girl)/Noona(use for boy) bogo sip-eoyo if you are bigger sister/brother you should say (your sister name) 아 보고 싶어 (your sister name) ah bogo s (MORE)

How do you say -how are you- in Korean?

Anneyonghaseyo - also a greeting form like "hello" but it literally translates to "how are you" but if you seriously want to ask someone for their health you can say "khwenchanaeyo?"

How do you say we did it in Korean?

우리가 해냈어: Oo-Ri-Ga-Hae-Nad-Uh Korean people usually say it after they competed in a match or competition. I hope you are happy about my answer! Brianna, the Korea expert!