How do you say what in Chinese?

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甚麼 (Traditional Chinese)
什么 (Simplified Chinese)

Pronunciation in hanyupinyin汉语拼音

shén me

Pronounced "Shun Muh!"
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How do you say who is for you in Chinese?

Miss Maven: "who is for you" Shai Sher Wai Ni.....but this is kinda strange to say in Chinese.\n. \n \n. \nIt totally depends in which kinda situation you ask ... as an exam

How do you say Chinese government in Chinese?

" government " in Chinese is "政府",Chinese pinyin(phonetics) is " zheng4 fu3 ". "Chinese government" in Chinese is "中国政府" ,pronounce as "Jhong-Gu

How do you say 'Chinese' in Chinese?

Depending on what you are trying to say it can be different. 中国人 or zhong guo ren means a Chinese person. 中国的 or zhong guo de means originating f

How do you say 'I can speak Chinese' in Chinese?

If u speak Chinese then u should know ;) It's 我说中国文 Wǒ shuō zhōngwen (there's another one but I can figure out how to write characters on my

How do you say do you speak Chinese in Chinese?

To say "I speak Chinese" (in Mandarin) you say: Wo(3) hui(4) shuo(1) Zhong(1)wen(2). 我会说中文. To say "You speak Chinese" you say: Ni(3) hui(4) shuo(1)

How do you say Chinese dumplings in Chinese?

饺子 [jiǎo zi] If referring to rice dumplings used during Dragon boat Festivals, they are called 粽子 [zòng ​zi] --> glutinous rice and choice of

How do you say Chinese school in Chinese?

Depends what kind. Chinese school in china would just be called a school, or 学校 (shue shiao). A Chinese school abroad that receives funding from the Chinese governme

How do you say 'Do you speak Chinese' in Chinese?

你講中文嗎?(Ni3 jiang3 zhong1 wen2 ma) (Traditional Chinese) 你会说中文吗? (Nǐ huì shuō zhōngwén ma?) (Si