How do you sell a locked item on gaia?

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What is gaia?

Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world.

How do you sell an item?

There are various ways to sell an item. You can sell it usingonline platforms like eBay and Amazon or just do a simple garagesale among other options.

How do you get a locked item in my zwinky wardrobe?

All you have to do is the following: 1. Log in. 2. Click on your wardrobe before clicking "enter Zwinktopia" 3. Find the item you want click on it but don't let go. 4. Press F5. It should make a blank screen then go back to the main menu. 5. Click on wardrobe again and it should be unlocked.

How yo get free items on gaia?

You can't. Those programs and the people who ask for your usernames and passwords are fake! Even if they claim it's real, it's still fake! They steal your usernames and passwords and other information, and put viruses on your computer!

What does gaia do?

gaia is a hang out place where you can chat with friends and make you avatar rich if you want to get gold you need to post forms,profiles,rate peoples avi and yea

What gaia about?

Gaia online is a place where people socialize and basically meet new people avatar: Buy clothing,accessories,hair and eyes for your avatar in the shops you can use gaia cash or gaia gold. Gold and Money: -Gaia Cash is a game card that has a pin to be revealed on the back of the card you can (MORE)

What is the most expensive item on gaia online?

Easter Egg. Answer 2: Actually, the most rare and most expensive item on Gaia would be the Angelic Halo. Answer 3: Technically, as of November 2011, no item's price has risen above 2,147,483,647 gold. The items that are this price are: Easter Egg Angelic Halo Kodiac Grizzly Bear Hat Go (MORE)

How do you sell your aquarium on gaia online?

sorry but you cant sell your aquarium you can only sell fish and items you add into it! maybe you can sell the aquarium now but when i was last on (which was 4-7 months ago) you couldn't delete it. Hope that sorta helps! if ur still not sure ask someone rich?? lol

How can you duplicate gaia items?

You cannot. Any website or individual promising to duplicate your items is scamming you and trying to gain access to your account or personal information. Never believe these scams.

How do you unfreeze an item on gaia?

You can't, here are the rules: ~If you just got something from the cash shop, you can't sell it for 7 days. ~Items in your home or aquarium are frozen until you remove them. ~Items used for zOMG can't be used/sold outside the game.

Gaia online How can you gift an item from market place?

If you have an item that you want to gift, click on your avatar and then go to Full Inventory. Find the item that you'd like to send and then select 'Gift Item' [this will only work if the item is not in use or if it is not soulbound]. It will take you to a form that you will have to fill out by sel (MORE)

How do you sell a 1000 gold ticket on gaia online?

Click on your avatar and then go to 'Full Inventory'. Once you find your Gold Ticket [which will probably be under Game or Special], click on it and choose 'Sell Item'. It will then be sold for 1,000 Gold.

What is a quest item in gaia?

A quest item can be any item on Gaia that a user is saving gold to get. Quest bars are common in signatures, which shows how close the user is to completing their quest.

Can you get free gaia items?

Yes you can. Go to rally,etc to win free items. ************************************* Also, some items have a link saying 'free item' on tektek. Just click the link and you get the item!

How do you sell items at a store on gaia online?

You go to your inventory area by clicking your avatar on the top of the screen, then you click full inventory. then you click on what you want to sell and wait for it to pop up then if it doesn't say 'sell item' then you'll have to sell it on the market place. There will be a sell on market place li (MORE)

How do you sell zomg ring on gaia?

There has been an update, if user have rings that are not soulbound then those rings can be sold in the marketplace. rings with the soulbound can no longer be sold and can be only salvage in the null for orbs.

How do you remove items from your aquarium on gaia?

When you hover your mouse over a specific item, there SHOULD be a small 'x' in the corner. Click it to remove said item from your aquarium. It then goes to your aquarium inventory (which can be acessed in the drop-down menu on the left side of the aquarium). ~Hope it helped~

How do you get your money when you sell your item on eBay?

Most buyers will want to pay for their items using PayPal so you need to have a PayPal account. Once the money is in your PayPal account, you can either spend it directly from there, or you can draw it down to your own bank account. (Sellers can offer other payment methods on their listings, such a (MORE)

How do you sell items?

To sell unwanted items you could: . place a newspaper Ad . put note on grocery store bulletin board . have a garage sale . use word of mouth . use an online auction site

Can you sell homade items on eBay?

Yes, but it has to be pretty good quality for someone to actually buy it. Also, it must fall within eBay product guidelines which can be found on eBay.

How do you sell items on woozworld?

you have to get a shop podz which cost like 239 beex for the regular shop podz but if you want to sell things with wooz, you have to save up like 1,000 or more beex and 200 wooz. you can get the shop podz at any "citi-zone"

What are the best items to sell on eBay?

For me the Sunless tanning Lotion is best items on ebay.This is Sun-laboratories products and I'd like to give this products 10/10 points as I am using this products for 10 years as for safe tanning lotion I can't take more experiences on my skin.So my recommendations is always with Sun-laboratories (MORE)

How do you sell items on World of Warcraft?

Two main way to sell stuff are the auction house and vendors. Vendors will give you a specific price for the item if you can sell it to them, but you cant sell everything to them. The auction house you can set the price, but you have to pay (game gold, not real money) to post it there, and the aucti (MORE)

If a site is selling items as genuine but they are not what can i do?

It's almost hopeless. They could be operating from a different country and they would be governed by the local laws of where they reside. Most of these sites have white-collar owners who hide behind curtains and are hard to catch or prosecute. They are smarter than you think. If they managed to stay (MORE)

On wizard101 how do you sell items you have?

Go to a store anywhere in The Spiral, including the Bazaar, go up to the clerk, and in the top left corner, you'll see 2 tabs, BUY and SELL. If you want to sell furnature, go to the Bazaar or any furnature store. If you want to sell hats, robes, shoes, wands, decks, athames, necklaces, rings, or mou (MORE)

How do you get free items in gaia online?

There's links on different "Gaia item links",most a valid or they work,but the best way is to ask for trades,the links give you worthless items that aren't worth anything...:l

What items do sell?

Great Discount Cheap Fashion name brand Nike Shoes Great Discount Cheap Fashion name brand Air Jordans Fusion Great Discount Cheap Fashion name brand Air Jordan 60+ Great Discount Cheap Fashion name brand Six Rings Great Discount Cheap Fashion name brand Air Jordan 3 Fusion Great Discount (MORE)

What does the sparkle next to a item on gaia mean?

Each sparkle is different. Chance Items have a rainbow sparkle Evolving Items have a bluesparkle Monthly Collectibles have a magenta sparkle Animated Itemshave a yellow sparkle Aquarium Items have an aqua sparkle Cash Shopitems that are stocked directly, have a golden sparkle

Can you sell your locked iPhone 4?

YES, you can. There is at least one site online where you can sell your Used or Broken Iphones. I suggest you get a quote so you would know the real value of your phone.

Is it a crime to sell stolen items?

It is a severe offence to steal an item of someone elses belonging and its also a severe offence to sell those items. Never break the law.