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How do you sell a vehicle that you owe on?

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Do the best you can to get what you owe for the sale price. If you can't get that much for it, you will have to pay the difference on the loan. Once the loan is paid off, you will get the title in the mail. Sign it over to the buyer and give them the keys. In the mean time, once the deal is made and money is handed over, have a "bill of sale" ready for them with both signatures (keep a copy). You can download an auto bill of sale form in the related links below that's compliant with your state's laws.
If you are talking about getting the title so you can sell it yourself without trading to a dealer for a lower sale price, then go to the bank and get a signature loan, or even a cash advance place if you don't owe a lot on your vehicle. Use the cash from the loan to pay off your vehicle. You have replaced your first loan with a second loan, but now you have the title to sell your vehicle yourself.
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What are your rights when you repossess a vehicle that was in default and the person wants to sue you for moneys she has already paid but you won't be able to sell it for the balance owed?

Answer . Law on this subject will vary from state to state, so you should see a local attorney. In most jurisdictions, the owner cannot sue to recover the payments they ma

Do you still owe money if the lender sells your repossessed vehicle for more than you owed?

Answer . \nIf the lender sold your car for more than the amount owed but fees are still due, such as the repo fees, storage charges, state taxes for\nselling etc.--it coul

How do you sublease a vehicle you owe money on?

You do not own the car! You can't lease something you do not own. This is not an apartment it is a car. Forget this bad idea.

How do I sell a vehicle while still owing on it?

As long as you sell it for enough to pay the balance on the loan off there is no problem. Just contact the lender and find out what the payoff on the loan is, and you will kno

Can we sell a vehicle left in our possession for twenty years if we don't know where the owner is and who owed money on it for work done?

There are statutes which exist that cover situations such as these. Check with your local law enforcement agency to determine how the laws address "abandonment" of property in

What if car dealer sells vehicle and does not tell you but it is still on your credit report saying you still owe?

One of the sad truths about repossessions is that if the dealer resells your car but gets less on the sale than you owed him, you still owe him the difference. For instance, i