How do you show up to a girls house without her thinking your a stalker?

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bring roses...or w/e her favorite flower is! show up at her door like prince charming. she wont think its will be really romantic <3
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What do you do if you think a girl is going to break up with you?

Whether you are going together as boyfriend/girlfriend or are married it's more important than even sex to COMMUNICATE!!!! If you had done this from the beginning both of you would have felt free to sit down and talk out your problems. Be mature and take the first step in communicating with your gir (MORE)

How do you break up with a girl without hurting her?

You honestly can't if she has feelings for you. But you can attempt to make it less painful for her. Firstly, let her know that you don't like the way your relationship is turning out, that way sh can try to fix what you are having problems with. If she tries her hardest to solve the problem, then y (MORE)

Will a guy think you are a stalker if you get his cell number from someone without his knowledge and you call him?

That's a tough one. If he likes you, chances are he'll be happy that you got in touch with him. If he doesn't, then it will be a bit awkward. Many guys like girls who aren't afraid to be forward when it comes to relationships. The biggest factor here is probably the sort of thing you say when you ca (MORE)

What should a girl do if she has a stalker?

If you have a real stalker, who is affecting your daily life or who has the potential to hurt you, you should talk to the police. If you're not worried about your general well-being and he or she isn't threatening you, a trustworthy friend/or adult who knows more about the situation may be able to h (MORE)

What do you do when you think a girl likes you but she doesnt show it?

You could, a) ask her friends, b) ask her out yourself, or c) do nothing. It all depends on you now, so make a choice. You may want to decide quickly, though, because you don't want her going out with another boy before she has a chance to go out with you! . i would but i ain't that popular and if (MORE)

How do you talk to a girl you like without seeming stalker-ish?

once you leave school/work you can walk home in a similar direction, this means you arnt following her your just going the same way, it can allso give you a chance to talk on the way home, so she slowly gets to know you. an easy way to start converstion is to have food e.g. chips or crisp this means (MORE)

How should you talk to a girl without seeming stalker-ish?

All you have to go up to here with a smile be dressed nice and tell her about your self and tell her that you started to talk to her because you tought she was cute and then say i don't mean to scare you but i wanted to be spontaneous

How do you talk to a girl without showing that your nervous?

First of all being nervous is normal, it's natural to feel nervous around the people that you have a crush on...Because you don't want to say the wrong things or do the wrong things to turn them off. Or to make them not want to talk to you....The best thing to do is just be yourself and break the i (MORE)

Can you be stalker-ish without really being a stalker?

yes, i know multiple guys that to some people are what they consider to be a stalker while in my opinion they simply show the signs of being a stalker without meaning to actually stalk someone. a personal experience of mine was that the guy didn't stalk me but whenever we were in the same room toget (MORE)

How do you get a girl to break up with you without it hurting her?

Look, most relationships come and go, and everyone experiences hurt at some point. So instead of straining yourself and doing it the hard way, just end it yourself. Be gentle and considerate to her. I guarantee you, unless she herself was about to end it, she'll be hurt. It's no use trying to ease y (MORE)

What does it mean to dream of a stalker girl?

You are dumb. Actually it does not mean you are dumb. It doesn't really mean anything at all. Its probably one of those weird dreams that you have and have no idea were it came from. Honastly, i would not worry about it ;)

How do you tell a girl that you like her without her thinking your weird?

The fact that your asking this question means it will probably come off as weird. It sounds like you have become found of a girl without her showing apparent interest in you, or without interacting very much with her. The reason its weird is because there is no way that you as a man should "like" (MORE)

Why do girls think you show off?

Maybe because you brag and you don't know it and you think your all that.And maybe behind your back they say your stupid, dumb, and idiotic.So maybe you should be nice don't brag and have a new person so more people might like to be your friend.

Im in middle school so how do i ask the girl i like for her phone number without soundin like a creepy stalker?

well that's a little hard, if you talk to her a lot you can just ask because "I want to hang out some time" if you have classes together ask so you can "text some one during class" if you have classes together you can ask for it so you two can study together or doing a project together, also have so (MORE)

Your crush thinks im a stalker?

Then lay off a little, if he or she is thinking about coming to you, allow him or her to, you shouldn't try so hard for him or her, it causes some problems as you probably can see.

How do stalkers think?

well nobody can really tell but mostly they only think of ways to get to you and make plans of following you and stuff.I had a stalker once but im not really sure.

Are there stalkers and grown ups on

There could be. You may never know who you're talking to on the other end of the Internet but as long as you don't give your personal info you're okay. So don't worry there are people 24/7 watching your conversations.

How to get a girl to like you without showing you like her?

Just become her friend and mabey get her number. dont text her the day you get her number. wait a few days to text her. When you do text her just be like hey wuts up and when she txts back start a random conversation. After a little wile ask her do you think im hot because i dont think i am. odds ar (MORE)

What to say to a girl that messes up in gymnastics there is this girl that is doing gymnastics for a talent show and she thinks shes going to mess up... but i know she wont...but if she does messup.?

There always next time. You were still amasing. Ok if she does fall, when shes over it, you could joke and say something like, "that was on of the most graceful, falls ive ever seen" But im not sure how she would react to that, so use your own judgment. Or it was just a talent competition. (MORE)

What should you do if your crush thinks your a stalker?

Do you know why they thinks your a stalker? If you've never stalked them, then they are probably jerks. Don't waste your time. But if you have stalked them (even once) then you should stop and eventually they will forget.

Can your brother in laws probation officer question your minor children without a parent present when he shows up at your house?

Yes, he can. They're not required to let him in or talk to him, but if they do so, there's nothing actually illegal happening. The bottom line is that in the US you don't have to talk to a policeman if you don't want to, and you have the right to insist that an attorney be present during any and a (MORE)

How do you get a girl you like after she thinks your a stalker?

You cannot make a person like you if they do not want to, but if you have made her uncomfortable, you can try to apologize for making her feel that way, and be honest with her about liking her. If a friendship develops, then that is at least a start, but if she is not receptive, then it's best for y (MORE)

Was ss501's show stalker real?

it indeed is real but they no longer are in danger of those type of stalkers. though its also possible that it was fake because they were filming it without a crew.

Can a sheriff show up at your house and give you a ten or fifteen minutes verbal notice to leave without handing you a notice by mail?

No. They have to send you a 90 day notice by mail. If they don'tsend a notice by mail and show up unannounced and decide everyonehas to move out and leave the property within 10 or 15 minutes youcan get a lawyer and sue the sheriff. But do as they say and don'targue because otherwise they'll arrest (MORE)