How do you spell the name Anne in Chinese?

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Chinese Simplified: Anne = 安妮
Traditional Chinese: Anne = 安妮
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How do you spell the name Megan in Chinese?

Answer . Romanized it would be "Mei Gen" only because the sound is similar to the English. This gives a lot of varity because there are many characters with the similar sou

How do you spell the name John in Chinese?

There is no "spelling" in Chinese - it is written with characters. Chinese names consist of two characters (usually), chosen for their meaning and sound, not from any preset l

How do yyou spell the word my name is in chinese?

there are 2 ways, wo 我 jiao 叫...(your name) this way is used only for your name, or you can say wo 我 shi是...(your name) this way can be used for your name

What is a good website on how to spell your name in Chinese letters?

There is no good website to learn how to spell your name in Chinese, for you can't spell your name in Chinese, you have to use strokes. But strokes don't mean anything !

Why does Anne insist that her name be spelled with an e in Anne of Green Gables?

According to Anne, it looks nicer and more distinguished: "Oh, it makes SUCH a difference. It LOOKS so much nicer. When you hear a name pronounced can't you always see it i
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How do you spell my name Irma in Chinese?

Chinese does not use an alphabet to record its words. Or, the Chinese language does not have letters. It is written in characters. Your name Irma comes from German. The German
In Anne of Green Gables

Why does Anne of Green Gables spell her name with an e?

Anne spells her name with an "e" because that is that is how she has always known her name. It is the same as with a name like Dylan or Dillon. While they are both pronounced