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How do you spell the sounds a donkey makes?

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Hee-haw or eeyore.

It depends on what language you speak:

Afrikaans: hie-hô
Albanian: i-a i-a
Arabic (Algeria): hiihan hiihan
Bengali: chuuchuu
Catalan: i-haa
Croatian: i-ja, i-ja
Czech: iá iá
Danish: Æslet skryder.
Dutch: ie-ah
English: hee-haw
Esperanto: ia
French: hihan
German: iaah, iaah
Hebrew: iya
Hindi: si:po:-si:po:
Italian: i-oo, i-oo
Norwegian: Eselet skryter.
Polish: iha, iha
Russian: ia-ia
Spanish (Costa Rica): iii-aah, iii-aah
Swedish: Åsnan skriar.
Turkish: a-iiii, a-iiii
Ukrainian: ii-aa, ii-aa
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