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How to Start Collecting Art

1) Get really good Art History Book
2) Get in town to look all Museums from inside really careful, beginning from Old Masters, Greeks and Romans, never mind it's not Contemporary, beauty, in fact has no time, thing is, Ancient art which is great may not fit your budget.
3) Than get own opinion and estimate a budget you wish to spend
4) Attend auctions of your favorite genres of art at Christies or Sotheby's or one of the major art houses, So you know for sure if you bought art, you could easily resell it publicly.
5) Than you did first steps, you could go to art advisors, galleries, artists, or fairs and buy whatever you want just because you like it. But you know that to get art kind of status may take more efforts of yours, and instead of monetary gain from resale give you something else.
6) Never start it blindly, if you make mistake you may never fall in love with art again.

I think there are many more steps too including:
1) Check out the Art Fairs - they happen at different seasons in different cities. It's a great way to see a wide range of work in a short period of time
2) Consider art walks or gallery tours. Check out meetup.com and see what's available in your area
3) Look into open studio tours
4) Don't be afraid to meet with an art consultant. We have access to a wide range of work and we're always seeing new artists and work. I love to work with the first time collector, as well as the experienced collector!
Thanks for the feedback!

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