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How do you stop an app from updating?

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Once the app is updating, you can only pause the update. You cannot stop the update. You will have to wait until it is finished updating to do whatever you want with that app.
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How do you update your apps?

First you go to your app store. Next click on the tab "updates" under all apps. Then it'll show all your updateable apps. Choose 1 and hit "update", it'll ask you for your pas

How do you update iPhone apps from your computer?

It's simple. All you have to do open up iTunes then go to your app  menu then look to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and  there should be a link that says "Chec

How do you buy an update on the app store?

You do not have to buy any thing when you update at the app store you just have to touch to the "updates" box in the bottom right and then touch the "update" button at the top

How do you update a app?

u have 2 go under app store on your iPod touch/iPhone then when u get on click on updates @ the bottom right corner! all the games that u can update THEN will pop up and u can

What do I do if my apps don't update?

maybe they dont require an update! Apps that need an update will show up in your AppStore icon as a number in the corner of the icon.  No number means no updates are availabl

Why do you have to update apps?

You don't HAVE to if you don't want to but it's much better if you do. Why? Because it gives you the latest version of that app. That app may have bugs, or it may not have too
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Why my apps can not update?

There can be many reasons, and often there will be an error message  to tell you what it is.   Some possibilities:    You do not have enough free space.  Your devi