How do you stop your tub faucet from dripping?

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Most probably the problem is a damaged valve, possibly buildup of calcium on the valv seat or a scratched/deformed valve seal.
  • Turn off the water mains
  • Take the valve part be careful and note the location and order of all pieces
  • Locate the faulty piece
  • Get a replacement or re-ream the valve seating (consider replacing all "soft" parts - rubber gaskets etc.)
  • Mount everything in the exact reverse order that you took it apart making sure that any alignment pins or springs, etc. are placed correctly (consider adding waterproof lubricant to any parts that move)
  • Turn the mains back on and "bleed the air out of the system at all faucets (there will be bubbles and these will cause rather violent bursts of water from any faucet that has pipe connected which has caught any air (don't be surprised if you get rust and flakes of calcium etc either..

Lazy man Jack Solution: Attach a piece of string to the faucet and let it hang down to the drain. The water will now follow the path of the string to the drain without making the drip sound. Now go back to bed and get some shut-eye.
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What is the problem if you have a dripping faucet?

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How do you fix a dripping kitchen faucet?

By replacing parts as needed depending on the type and brand of faucet. It's possible that the gasket needs to be replaced, which is quite easy to do. Turn off the water sour

If delta faucets drip can they be adjusted?

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Can you use a lavatory faucet for your tub?

You can if the base shape is compatible. Usually they are not, as few tub faucets are 'deck mount' and few lav faucets are wall mount. Also most tub faucets are 8" centres and
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What does a tub faucet do normally?

A tub faucet acts as a shower and can be used to bath in the bath tub. It is a pressure valve which makes the flow of water through it constant and gives a nice shower.

How can a dripping faucet be stopped?

Either tun off the supply at the main stopcock (which will stop thedrip) and or replace the tap washer while the main supply is off(then turn it on again).