How do you take song from an iPod shuffle and move them to an iPod nano?

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You would have to put the song on itunes. then you can put it on your ipod.

Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs: open my computer, file e: (when ipod is plugged in), go up to TOOLS, Folder options, View, and click on show hidden items (apple hides and scrambles your song list.) in e: click on ipod_control, music, and you should see "F#" these are the scrambled song titles. transfer to your desktop, and do whatever you want with your songs! great for transferring songs from one ipod to another! don't forget to turn hidden back off, don't wanna delete something you need!
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What is the song in the iPod Shuffle commercial?

The song in the iPod Shuffle commercial is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the group Prototypes.. Two songs on iPod adverts are. 'no you girls never know' by Franz Ferdinand and 'around the bend' by asteroid galaxy tour

How do you add songs to an iPod Nano?

First download iTunes. Then plug in your ipod nano and open iTunes (this may open automatically if you have the correct setting) Now you can buy your songs from iTunes and sync them onto your ipod nano. This can be done by searching in iTunes store which can be opened from the left sidebar. I (MORE)

Who sings Ipod nano song?

Answer . The artist is Feist (Leslie Feist), the song is called "1 2 3 4" from the album "The Reminder".

How do you delete songs from an iPod nano?

You have to plug the iPod into your computer with the cord it came with and then go to iTunes. Next, double click on the iPod nano icon in the left sidebar and it should drop a list of things like 'Music' etc. Click on the 'Music' category and you should see all the songs that are on the iPod nano ( (MORE)

How many songs can a ipod shuffle hold?

The iPod shuffle has 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB versions. According to Applethe 1GB can hold up to of 240 songs, and the 4GB can hold up to1000 songs. Song capacity is dependent on song length and thequality of encoding. Apple also say "Song capacity is based on 4minutes per song and 128-Kbps AAC encoding; i (MORE)

Can you take pictures with an iPod Nano?

No, but you can take videos. The current iPod Nano allows you to sync photos to the iPod via iTunes, but you cannot take actual pictures. The iPhone and iPhone 3G can take videos, and the 3GS can take videos. Why apple didn't let the Nano take photos is still unclear. Apple did not make the iPod (MORE)

How do you delete songs from your iPod shuffle?

The first thing you need to do is plug in your ipod. Then you need to delete the songs you want to delete from your ipod from your itunes music library. You do that by clicking on the song (make sure it's highlighted) and then pressing the delete button on your keyboard. Once you are finished that, (MORE)

Is the iPod shuffle as good as the iPod nano?

No. It doesn't have as much memory and you can't see the song titles to be able to choose which one you want to play.. And you can't play games, view photos and watch videos, nano has more extras.

How do you add songs to iPod shuffle?

You have to plug it into your computer or laptop, and download them from your comp/laptop to the iPod. First you have to make sure you have the right plug. :)

How do you remove songs from an iPod shuffle?

to remove songs off your ipod shuffle do the steps 1. plug your ipod into the computer 2. go to your itunes account on the ipod shuffle icon 4. your ipod shuffle songs should come up 5.clickon the song 6. left click and a menu should come up 7.push the delete option 8. and there your song is (MORE)

Can you take apart a iPod nano?

Yes... in some cases you can... you may have to buy a set which you can find on or any good electronics store... but i really wouldant advise doing it... if you want your ipod working... i would only do it if you knew what your doing... soo take it to a store to get it repaired... it may co (MORE)

Deleting Songs from an iPod Nano?

\nYou have to plug the iPod into your computer with the cord it came with and then go to iTunes. Next, double click on the iPod nano icon in the left sidebar and it should drop a list of things like 'Music' etc. Click on the 'Music' category and you should see all the songs that are on the iPod nano (MORE)

Which iPod Ad has Jert it out by The Caesars iPod nano iPod shuffle iPod touch?

I would rather have a nano . I'd rather have a nano because its better and it doesn't have a hard drive like a touch does (if you drop an Ipod touch there's a high risk of it braking). if you were to have a shuffle its too small and easyer to lose. i don't like the shuffle because it cant play v (MORE)

How do you delete songs off a ipod shuffle?

You need to get iTunes, and a USB cord for the iPod. When you get both of these items connect your iPod to the computer using the USB cord, and just use iTunes to delete the songs. If you don't want to get iTunes just connect the iPod and go to Start > My Computer and select your device, then delete (MORE)

Do you have to pay for songs on an iPod nano?

yes if they are purchased from the itunes store. to get money on itunes buy an itunes card and scratch of the back then back to the question.yes if they are purchased from the itunes store. no if you rip it from a CD you own. but i don't know if rippin dvds is o.k.

Can you take pictures on an ipod nano?

No, you may only take videos on an iPod nano 5th Generation, but if you buy an iPod touch 4th Generation you may take photos and videos! :) Hope I helped!

How many songs can a shuffle iPod hold?

You can hold up to 1000 songs on an i pod shuffle on a 1GB. No video can be held as this i pod has no screen. You can get in varieties of colours and memory(1 GB or 2 GB).

What came first the iPod shuffle or the iPod nano?

iPod Shuffle was released First The iPod Shuffle was released first I work in an Apple Store in California, the iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005 at Macworld by Steve Jobs, and the iPod Nano was released February 23, 2005 (as a replacement for the Mini)

How do you play songs on an iPod shuffle?

Assuming you have done the required steps of connecting the iPod to a computer with iTunes, putting music onto it and charging it, all you have to do is plug in some earphones, turn the device on and press 'play'.

How do you download songs into your iPod shuffle?

It depends if your using itunes, limewire or ripping them from a disc (illegal) If your using itunes buy the song, and make a playlist. Click on burn disc, then press sync. get a usb cable, or plug it directly into your computer, soon it will sync onto the ipod. If you are using lime wire, just pres (MORE)

How do you add songs on a iPod nano?

1. download itunes 2. sign up for itunes 3. put credit card info or prepaid card info 4. plug your ipod cord in and search the music you like

Does the ipod nano 5g shake shuffle?

YES it can! all you have to do is go to "shuffle songs" and it will choose a random song then all you do is give it a good shake and it will make this "beeping noise" and it changes song.

How can you take photos on the iPod nano?

you can't, unfortunately the new ipod nano only takes video But you can VIEW photos on your Nano. Put your photos from your camera onto your PC. Then go into iTunes and sync your photos. :)

How do iPod nanos take pictures?

I am pretty sure you can only download pictures from your computer.Here's how: 1. plug in nano 2. open iTunes 3. press the button that looks like your iPod 4. click pictures 5. make a separate folder for the pictures you want on your iPod 6. put all the pictures you want in that folder 7. click the (MORE)

How do you put purchased iPod touch songs on an iPod Shuffle?

First of all there isn't such thing as "ipod touch songs". Secondly you can't purchase songs from an ipod shuffle. It doesn't have internet capabilities. An ipod shuffle doesn't even have a screen. On itunes you can purchase songs to sync to your ipod shuffle, if that's what you mean. Note: To purc (MORE)

How do you dowload songs to a iPod Nano?

First, install iTunes program. iTunes will search your computer for songs, and you have control over that. Next, using iTunes, go to the iTunes store and purchase more songs (or not). Connect your iPod to your computer's USB with the correct cable according to your iPod manual, make sure everything (MORE)

How do you take repeat of the ipod nano?

Go to the main menu . Scroll down to settings and click on it . There will be a choice called 'Repeat', click on it . Click on it until the blue words on the far right.

What came first iPod shuffle or nano?

The first iPod Shuffle was released on January 11, 2005. The first iPod Nano was released on September 7, 2005, which means the iPod Shuffle was released first.