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You spend 5-10 years studying the language (or more, or possibly even less, depending on your skill in language and how long you spend each day studying.)
1. Take a deep breath.
2. Match phonemes in my mind
3. Open my mouth
4. Emit sounds that are accepted as intelligible by other speakers of the Japanese language.
5. Close my mouth.
6. Breath.
---For conversation---
7. Wait for and process an aural response.
(Wash, rinse, repeat.)
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How do you say Today I will talk about myself in Japanese?

'Today I will talk about myself' is 今日は自分についてお話しします (kyou wa jibun ni tsuite ohanashi shimasu) in Japanese. This is quite formal, and would be u

Were the Japanese and the US planning on peace talks before the attacked Pearl Harbor?

  No. The US and Japan were negotiating but not for peace.Additional Information: The United States & Japan were already in negotiations in Washington, D.C. (which began i

What is will in Japanese?

It depends on what you mean by "will". If you mean the noun will, then it's ishi (意志). If you mean the will that indicates future tense in English, then there isn't one.

What is of in Japanese?

  I know that someimtes of is 'No' as in: kami no tenshi (Angel Of God) Kami(god) No(of) tenshi(angel) Enlgish 'X No Y' Japanese 'Y No X'

What is and in Japanese?

  'soshite' or 'to' Let's put it this way. If you wanted to say 'I like Coke and Pepsi', you would use 'to'. Same for, 'this and that'. But, if you were in a sentence ta

What is '' in Japanese?

It changes the sounds of "letter" in Japanese They do not really have letters, they have sound like ha ka and te ha with " after it (ha") changes it to ba ka with " afte

Can you in Japanese?

...dekiru ka? ...dekimasuka? ...dekiruno? ...dekiru?

How are you in Japanese?

Ogenki desuka?more polite would be = ikagadesuka there is no ? in Japanese as the KA on the end is the same as ?

What is the in Japanese?

There actually isn't a word for "the" in japanese, as well as "a" or "an". It's just one of those weird things, but in the end it's actually a bit easier. I remember at firs

What is you in Japanese?

There are many words for "You" in Japanese depending on the  manner of which you choose to speak.   Anataあなた: Used mostly between those who are  very close, like