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How do you throw away a DVD player?

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You could just throw it in your garbage and think nothing else of it. Better and more ecofriendly alternatives are donating it or selling it if it still works. If it no longer works, you can look up places in your area that will recycle electronics. To my knowledge, all Best Buys will take old electronics off your hands and handle them in a responsible manner.
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How do DVD players read DVDs?

I believe that DVD players read DVD's by a reader which is usally a blue, glass hemisphere. It is easy to see in a game cube or a slime ps2.

How does a DVD player read DVDs?

The DVD Player works a bit like the old record player. The principles include Laser Reads the Disc, Motor Spins the Disc and Device Measures Tracks. The laser light is shone o

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Your DVD player does not reat a DVD?

Either the player is wearing out or the DVD is badly scratched and therefore it cannot play anymore. A solution would be to either get a new DVD player if thhe player is the p

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DVD player will not eject DVD?

Either the player is damaged somewhere and cannot function properly, or the disc carriage is jammed

Can a DVD player scratch a DVD?

Only of the DVD drive is very dirty or the drive is damaged some how. It can also scratch if you drop it and the eye can move out of place and scratch it

How do DVDs and DVD players work?

On a pre-recorded DVD, the digital information is coded by microscopic pits (dents) in a metal foil disc. The data is recorded in a spiral pattern and read from the centre, ou