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incase there is a problem with the DVD or player

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how do you remove a cd that is stuck in cd player when i push the eject button it makes a clicking noise

Press The Eject button to the left of where you put the CD in. I should say "Eject" or have a little triangle on it.

On my Jeep Cherokee, I push and hold the eject button until the cd comes out.

You need to press the 'eject' button in order to do this. You need to make sure your car is on before you can do this.

It is to the right of the CD player top button - looks like a triangle on the button. Button above the Mute button.

Do you mean you want to eject CD/DVD Drive? If you can't remove or eject it by push "arrow" button, just go to Disk Utility which plug-in Mac, then find the CD/DVD Drive name, choose it then click Eject button to remove it. And if you're using Windows, simply go to My Computer and locate your CD/DVD drive, right click on it and select on Eject from the shortcut menu.

Try popping a credit card in when you hit the eject button. It worked for me!

Push the eject button, is your broken or something?

Push the load/eject button then then number that you want to load or eject and put it in

Push "Eject" - top row of buttons on the radio- far right button. Ignition/key does not have to be on to "eject" the CD.

use a debit card and put it into the dvd cassett whilst holding the eject button

It does not have a CD/DVD drive so there is no need for an eject button.

To remove a CD from an Alpine 6 CD changer, hit the eject button. The button is in either the top right or top left hand corner.

The pilot hit the eject button which launched him out of the airplane.

if there isn't one you can right click on the disc your trying to eject under my computer and one of the options says eject (the eject button on the actual computer is typically near where the disc drive is)

In some cases you can remove a stuck CD from a Jeep Liberty CD player by resetting the player. On the front of the stereo there should be a small hole. Insert a pin or a paperclip into the hole and hit the reset button, then tap the eject button. Also check to make sure all fuses for the player are in working order.

Press the arrow/eject button to the left of the CD slot

you push the eject button. seriously its right in front of you

No the button is only to eject a game disc or DVD. If you don't have a disc in you can still press the button without hurting the PS3

Press the 'Eject' key, or on start up, hold down the mouse button.

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