How do you torture an older sister?

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1. talk to the boys she likes
2. tell embarissing stories to her friends and stuff (baby pictures lol!) ex:...used to pee her bed idk...
3. or just talk to her and work everything out...its great having an older sibling, you can learn alot from them and they give good older/twin sister is my best friend...but idk lol

How do you say older sister in Spanish?

"Older sister" in Spanish is "hermana mayor". It is pronounced "air-MAH-nah my-YOR". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

Why are older sisters so mean?

because like they know their older they start to boss u around n say bad stuff.Like my big sister she says things to me but in spanish like pee face n stupid and more.N like s

Did the osmonds have an older disabled sister?

No but they do have 2 older brothers, Tom and Virl who are totally deaf. They were both born deaf. However, on many occasions, they participated on many Osmonds shows both on
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How do you get your older sisters to be nice to you and to get you to be nice to your older sister?

You basically just answered your own question there :) .. I have an older sister and we always fight, but I noticed that when I am nice to her, she is nice back. I mean, I can
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Why would a older sister be jealous of her sister?

because maybe her sister has a boyfriend and she doesnt, or better hair, or bigger breast. there's multiple reasons. just be happy with you and the life you have. jealousy is
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What is the best way to torture your sister?

older~ bug her all the time and if she wears makeup tell her shewears to much oryou know somethin like that younger~tell she cant do certain things cuz shes to young and dolit