How do you turn on the shower on a Delta shower?

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You twist the knob.
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How to fix leak in delta shower?

Answer . You can remove it, and tape the threads with latex tape to make a better seal, or change out the washers. Depends on where the leak is.

Where is the shower?

A Shower can be located in a bathroom or in many cases in and industrial setting where employees can come into contact with dangerous chemicals or placed out side a swimming p

How do you service a Delta 1348 shower faucet?

SHUT OFF THE WATER. After removing the knob and the chrome trim you need to remove the 'bonnet' ring before you can replace the cartridge or o-rings and springs. The tough

Have a shower?

Yea I do! Im glad that you asked, im just a little confused. Do you work for the shower company? I dont see another reason why you would ask the question.....umm well my showe

How do you Repair a leaky delta shower faucet?

Turn off the water. Not sure if you have single or double handles. Pry plastic cap off handle. Use Phillips to unscrew handle. This should allow you to remove handle and the w

Does a Moen fit a Delta shower faucet?

Moen and Delta shower controls are similar. Either one can be fitted in same locations. Both have versions for soldered pipes, threaded fittings , or PEX fittings. Both compan
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What happens to a shower curtain when a shower is turned on?

Many people have tried to figure out exactly how and why this happens but no one has ever proven their theories conclusively. There are 4 leading theories. The first is the
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How do you turn your shower into a walk in shower?

You can turn your shower into a walk in shower by getting a contractor who will be able to properly reformat the shower. There needs to be a codes followed in order to have th
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Has a shower?

Yes all the houses have showers, most with bath tubs.