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How do you turn the microphone off on the ipod 5g?

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I had the same issue and called Apple. The internal microphone can't be turned off. How lame is that?
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How do you turn your iPod off?

You hold down the Play/Pause button until the scream locks. If your going to unplug/plug in stuff, then Push over the Hold button :) -Hope this helps =D

How do you turn off iPod touch?

There is a small button on the upper right hand corner. If it is turned completely off then you have to hold it down for 5 seconds. But if it is just in sleep mode just click

Turn shuffle off on an ipod?

press the menu button to get to the main menu there you can select settings and the shuffle status should be an option to change, you can then turn it off. ~ Alternately, whe

How do you delete videos off of the ipod nano 5g?

1. Select Camera Video Camera from Main Menu  2. Select a video.  3. Press and hold the Center button.  4. Select Delete to remove that one video or to remove all the video

How do you delete music off of the iPod nano 5g?

You have to plug the iPod into your computer with the cord it came with and then go to iTunes. Next, double click on the iPod nano icon in the left sidebar and it should drop
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How to turn off an ipod?

Press and hold the sleep/wake button (top right corner, along the rim), then move your finger across the "slide to power off" bar that will appear.

How can you turn off your iPod?

Most Ipod's cannot actually be turned off, rather they have a sleep mode and a deep sleep mode. Hold the Play/Pause button for a few seconds until the screen turns black. The