How do you unlock the memory card for the HP M420 camera?

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There should be a little while piece on the slide that slides up and down. If it's up, slide it down and if it's down slide it up! I hope this helps.
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How do you unlock a camera card?

Some camera cards have a small slider that can be set to protect the card from being written to or erased. Also, some cameras have a function to protect an image from being er

What is a memory card in a camera?

Some cameras have permanent memory chips where they store the pictures until you download them. A memory card is a removable "card" which is basically a portable mass storage

How do you take out a memory card from a camera?

There will be a hatch on the side or the base, flick it open, and either push the memory card until it unlocks or press the slide in the direction of the arrow. Your best b

How do you get a memory card out of a camera?

It may be in a place in your camera that has an opening, not the place to charge, but a bigger place perhaphs. In the corner there is a little card, 1 inch-2 and that may be,
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How can a camera memory card be erased?

To delete the information from a memory card, you need to plug it into a device and move all the items on the memory card over to the trash can on that device. This will delet
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What are camera memory cards used for?

Camera memory cards are used in digital camera to store all of the data for the photos. The information can then be transferred onto a computer to allow the photos to be shar