How do you use Vtunnel?

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You go to or and it can help you get around blocks at schools or work as long as it is not blocked. All you do is simply go to the website and go to the bar on top where it says and change it to the website of your coice and select begin browsing. If vtunnel is blocked then simply go to and scroll down until you see a list of proxies wich you can try. The s on the end of http makes it load a secure version of the website that is harder for the schools/ company to block and is usefull once they block vtunnel.
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What if vtunnel is blocked too?

just go to either; just make sure you have the httpS part. can't forget the s.

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What is the purpose of a vtunnel?

A Vtunnel is used to help you access websites that may be blocked on a private server. Many places block certain websites on their servers because they believe to cause proble