How do you when you really like some?

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O like when every they come around your so happy.. You dont know what to say or do
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Who really really likes pie?

Nobody is forced to like pie, but many people choose to like pie. They love the way it tastes, the way it melts in your mouth. I personally love pie, so i would know. People a

You really like some guy what do you do?

I just went through this not that long ago, too, but i think i know what will help you. This is what happened to me. Sometime in around November of last year i got this huge c

How do you no you really like him?

Spend more time with him and eventually will realise whether you really like him or not. The thing that makes you like a person is do you like what they stand for and are thei

What happens when really like some one but they really dont like you?

Well there is not much you can do about that but you can just give it time. Most people want what they can't have. So you could try going for other people and pretend that you

Does he really like you?

If you want to know if a guy likes you, answer the following questions. . 1. Does he say stupid things to impress you? . 2. Does he laugh at your jokes that are totally not

Does he really like you or not?

well.....if he likes you he might say......gently tug your hair or talk to you almost 24/7. or if he's a shy guy walk buy him when he's with friends and just keep going and wa

Do he really likes you?

You are Not going to find an answer to a question like that here. I am sorry, but, you have to look elsewhere. Also, the question: Do he really likes you, needs to be phrased