How do zebras change while they grow?

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Zebras get charger until they are an adult. There are no other changes.
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What does a zebra do?

MosAnswer . A zebra lives in a grass land and woodlands. They also live an Africa.. Eat alot of grass. Zebras are mainly wild animals that live in Africa. But some zebras are brought to different places and only a few have been saddle trained for riding. Some farmers tame and teach zebras to pu (MORE)

Can you be in pain while growing taller?

Oh yeah. If the growth you are experiencing is somewhat large, you will probably feel pain. I am currently 16 and 6'4 and I can't remember many days that I haven't had pain. I grow and have pain while doing so, then more pain for the aftermath. So to answer it simply, yes.

Does energy changes while walking?

Energy changes while walking occur due to the center of mass. Theeffect of gravity changes has been studied during walking on aplatform.

What did Jefferson change while in office?

Jefferson disliked the pomp and ritual that Washington and Adams brought to the executive office. He changed simple things like shaking hands instead of the regal bowing. He abolished regular formal receptions. Seats were not assigned, even at state dinners. He held small gatherings rather than larg (MORE)

Is it normal if your breasts hurt while they grow?

\nYes! It is perfectly normal. You have to think your breasts grow at a pretty quick rate. Could you imagine the growing pains you would have if you grew in height as much as your breasts grew? It is nothing to worry about.

How tall can zebras grow?

4 foot tall and if you type in how tall can zebras get do not click the click here button for the answer question differentaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do zebras grow?

Zebras are born, nurse until they are weened, and then eat grasses that provide the necessary nutrients to support cellular mitosis to build the bones, muscles, organs, and internal systems as dictated by their genetic code.

What happened while Geronimo was growing up?

At the age of six the Alamo fell. When he was a teenager the Mexican American war was going on. During his manhood the Civil War was being fought. As an elder the Spanish American war was being fought. All of his life, the American Indians had been at war.

Does your appetite change while pregnant?

Yes, your appetite definitely changes when you are pregnant. For some women, the appetite is increased, so that it seems like they want to eat everything they see. For many women, like myself, the appetite is more fickle. I will be hungry right up until I finish preparing my meal, and then I will su (MORE)

Can you be a zebra?

well if you tatoo your whole body with black and white stripes, you could think you are a zebra if you really put your mind to it.

How do zebra grow up?

they learn to by there mums how to live free and don't need there mum around any more

Why do zebras coat change?

it changes because of weather conditions. In winter season, zebra has a fat coating so it keeps warm and doesn't get too cold. In summer season, the coating of a zebra is less thick because it is warm and they do not need a warm layer!

Can you change while you are in heaven?

Yes - Earth is just our beginning. It is where we all start, but asheavenly beings - as God's family - we will certainly be growingand becoming better and greater beings. Just imagine all you willlearn your first "day" there! In heaven, there are no lies so youwill get to look back and see what real (MORE)

What is the change of speed while parachuting?

When you leap from the aircraft at around 13,000ft (on average), you will be travelling forwards at around 80 knots. This forward speed slows down quickly as you vertical descent increases. After 10 seconds most jumpers reach terminal velocity which is around 120mph in a belly to earth body position (MORE)

Will weight change while skydiving?

If you do a lot of skydiving yes it will. This is because skydivingrequires significant fitness when many jumps are made (e.g. morethan 500 a year for example). During a typical day, you may loose a few pounds of weight if youare training and do not keep hydrated.

Can you change your address while you are on bail?

Providing it is done with the PRIOR and proper notification to the court AND the court approves, permission to move may be granted. However, if you wish to move out of state or out of the court's jurisdiction it may be more problematic. Contact your Parole Officer, or the court for guidance.

How does your body change while pregnant?

Well the obvious -Big tummy most of the time. (Some women may stay rather small) Not so obvious to the naive -Swelling of the feet -Natural rejection of unhealthy foods -stretch marks(sometimes) -incrdibly tiredness -back ache(around month 7 and on) To elaborate on the above list... (MORE)

How does a white tiger change as it grows?

As it gets older, its stripes fall off and it will turn completely brown. and grow a mane and move to Africa to live with the other lions in the Savannah. Just kidding. I have no idea. :)

Can you change a earring while its healing?

Well its not advisable because a hole can close up in minutes even if you've had it for a long time although you could try. I know my piercer told me I could change my cartilage piercing 2-3 weeks after I got it done even though its supposed to take 2-3 months to heal. Ask your piercer about it but (MORE)

When do you thin out corn in the garden while growing?

As early as possible, preferably before the corn has gotten its second true leaf. If you have planted them to the proper spacing of six to eight inches apart, plants older than second leaf have roots that are growing into the zone of the plant next to them, and you could damage the roots of the ones (MORE)

Do bones change and grow?

Yes, bones do change and grow. When every one is born they start off life as a baby and as we all know babies are tiny. In order for babies to grow in to children, teens and eventually in to adults their bones have to grow.

What is zebra about?

it's about an animal called zebra. it is related to the horse and is black and white stripy.

Will weed smell while growing?

yes but not at first.... depending on what plant you have and what time frame you are working in it can be anywhere from 2-4 months before they start to smell

Does the human body grow while sleeping?

sleeping can actually promote growth in your body and without proper sleep you might not grow taller. The more fluid in your joints the taller you will grow. This is why gravity is your biggest enemy when trying to grow taller since it will pull on your body while you're in an upright position and (MORE)

What can you do while woozworld is have changes?

While woozworld is having problems or is upgrading the system it usually takes about a few minutes, Half an hour or an hour. You can wait and stare at a screen. Or.... You could go outside and play. make your own website. Ma be you could get a life. And not stare at a screen all day. U know, I am ju (MORE)

What did Houdini do while growing up?

Harry Houdini was first named Harry "Handcuff" Houdini because he toured in Europe and could escape any kind of multiple mix up of handcuffs. He later became on the top escape artists in the world.

Does your brain get bigger and bigger while you grow?

Yes, your brain does grow larger when you grow. When you are born, you have an underdeveloped brain. So as years goes by, the brain gets larger, why else would your head get bigger? To create more room for your brain. Also, in addition to growing larger, the brain creates new "connectors" as you sta (MORE)

Do stripes grow on zebras naturally?

No, zebra stripes are not natural. A zookeeper, or farmer, comes along in the zebra's childhood and paints them on with a paintbrush and blue painters tape. They are naturally white underneath.

Can you change your power while exercising?

Of course. You can run faster and slower. You can ride your bike faster or slower. You can ride it on a small slope or a steep slope. You can do more or fewer chin-ups or push-ups in each 10 seconds. You can lift lighter or heavier weights, and lift them faster or slower. You can run the tread (MORE)

Can a zebra change from a male to a femail?

Amniotes (reptiles, mammals, birds) cannot change gender without major surgery and medication. Zebras are mammals, so they cannot naturally change gender. Some types of fish and amphibians change gender when exposed to certain pollutants, and some fish and invertebrates change gender naturally.

Does velocity change while accelerating?

Yes, that's the whole idea of acceleration. To be precise, acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity - how fast velocity changes. In symbols: a = dv/dt