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How does Quasi the robot recognize humans?

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transformer technology. (go japan.)
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Can robots talk like humans?

Its all about the way that how we tackle the problem of 100% output in sound recognition technology. input sound = Output sound ----0% sound signal loss. In new generation of

How can robots save humans lives?

By performing tasks that are potentially hazardous. By performing tasks that require extreme precision. By monitoring environmental or other conditions and taking appropri

Are robots good for humans?

Actually robots r d best 4 humans in d sense they don't fall into wrong hands. Havin a robot can accomplish anything   Now for a more enlightened and intelligent answer:

Why is a robot a robot and a human a human?

The differences between robots and humans include: Humans have a biological form; robots do not.Humans have living tissue that makes up skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bon

Are robots used do human jobs?

Robots have been used to replace humans in situations where a job is either too dangerous for a human or too costly. For example, robots have been used to explore Mars because

Will robots replace humans in the future?

Someone has been reading too much science fiction or seeing too many horror movies. Robotic devices are already performing many of the routine tasks that are either too dang

Why robot better than humans?

Because robot don't have feelings. No feelings means like... no angry, no disappointment, no heartbreak, and so on. Robot also can do work with no limit. It can do work either

Why are humans replaced by robots?

Because us humans are getting really lazy and all the technology is getting better and smarter so we have the powers to. I say why not as long as we don't eliminate the human
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Is a robot smarter than human?

No, robots are not "smart." Robots do the actions they were programmed to do by a human. While there have been programs created to help robots "learn," these are still limited