How does a Jewish child become Jewish?

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A Jewish child is usually born Jewish, however, children are permitted to convert, just like adults.
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How do you be Jewish?

Jewish tradition states that a Jew is any person whose mother wasJewish (Talmud, Kidushin 68b), or any person who has gone through aproper conversion to Judaism (Talmud, Yevam

How do you become Jewish?

If you are not born Jewish, it is possible to become Jewish throughconversion. First, you have to convince a Rabbi to assist you withyour conversion, tradition (based on the s

What do you have to do to become Jewish?

That's not a simple question, and there's no simple, short answer. The best answer is to urge you to make an appointment to sit down and talk with a Rabbi, and let him ans

Who is Jewish?

Anyone whose mother is Jewish, or has formally taken onhimself/herself the responsibility of adhering to the Torah commandments in a formallysupervised and sanctioned conversi

Can you become Jewish?

Answer: Yes and no. The Jewish identity is two-fold and applies to both ethnicity and religion. For example, there are some people who consider themselves Jewish based on bl

Can you raise a child Jewish and Catholic?

No, the Jewish faith believes Jesus was a regular human being. The Catholic faith believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Answer: Actually, there is a middle ground of sor

If Abraham was not Jewish how did he become Jewish?

He made a covenant with God Prophet Abraham ( God's prayer & blessing on him ) had instinctively recognized the existence of God without the help of another prophet or m

How did the Ethiopian Jews become Jewish?

A study by Professors Lucotte and Smets has shown that the geneticfather of Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) was close to the Ethiopiannon-Jewish populations. This is consistent w
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Where in the bible is it recorded that if the mother is Jewish the child is Jewish?

Matrilineal descent as the determiner of Jewish identity isn'texplicitly a biblical law, it is a rabbinic law (codified later byrabbis). However, in the Torah God assures Abra

What changes might happen when a Jewish child becomes an adult?

You have a Bat Mitzvah. You learn a new Torah portion. You have a celebration! Its the best day ever. After that you will be treated differently in temple. You will wear a Tal
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What is a Jewish?

A Jew is an adherent of Judaism. Sometimes, a Jew is defined as a person whose mother is/was Jewish. Other times, people who converted to Judaism are also considered Jews.