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How does a bat exit a cave?

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It would fly out.
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A bat flying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 0.8 s later How far away is the cave wall?

to solve this you can use the equation d=vt   you are already given the time which for you is 0.8s   the velocity would be the speed of sound in air which is 343m/s 

What is Exit polling?

Using sample of people who have just voted

Why do Bats turn left when they leave a cave?

Clearly not all caves have a 'left' hand exit option and it is therefore laughable to suggest that all bats bear left when departing their caves. The idea that thousands of ba

How you can exit the employees?

  By placing an exit board on the reverse of the entrance door.... Jokes apart i have witnessed several in my professional career...the best was the sacking of a Sr. VP

What does exited mean?

It's a form of being over happy or glad something is going or is  happening. If you are exited you are feeling bubbly and very  cheerful 

What does exit mean?

The verb "to exit" means to leave, or depart, as from a structure, location, or theatrical stage. The noun exit can be the act of leaving, or the portal, opening, or locatio

How do you exit 11 on 100 exits?

You have to morse code SOS on the door. Do 3 fast taps on the door, then 3 times slower, then 3 fast taps. See related link for screenshots.

Do bats always turn left when exiting their cave?

Actually yes, bats normally huddle near a right corner and fly out exiting left, but thinking about your question you probably heard this on TV like sonny with a chance. Un-in

What is the opposite of exit?

  it depends on the use of the word exit as it is both a noun and a verb. For the verb exit the antonym is enter, and for the noun exit the antonym is entrance.
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Why do bats live in caves?

  caves have never changing temperature and atmosphere. Most bats are nocturnal. They fly and forage for their food (bugs) at night. This means that they need safe places