How does a circuit work?

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A circuit works through a series of components mainly resistors, capacitors, and IC's. There are different types of IC's the main groups are AND, OR, NOR, & NAND. Those are just the basics you first learn about when dealing with electronics. These IC's work from what we call the binary code which is just a bunch of 1's and 0's. 1 is a logical high which gives you a positive voltage and 0 is a logical low which gives you no voltage. Lets say you have an and gate hooked up to a 150ohm resistor(it's used for voltage protection of your component)connected to a simple LED. In order to get this LED to have a logical high both inputs A and B have to get a high in order for your output to be high which in return allows voltage to pass through the resistor to your LED this powering your light emmitting diode. i hope this helped.
A circuit is just that a circuit of something. In electricity, it is the flow of electricity from the power source, through the wires, and back to the power source. You flip a switch, the power flows to the device, and continues back completing the circuit.
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How do circuits work?

The battery charges the circuit and can light a little light. circuts work by the flow of electons

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A parallel circuit works because both components have their own path from the battery and back to the battery. P.S. you put 2 "work"s. Answer Each branch shares a com

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Good question! I am a science freak. a tank circuit is basically a circuit of a capacitor and a inductor. A capacitor stores voltage, usually from a battery An inductor is a

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It requires two inputs before the output turns on.

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look at the power consumption of the device in Watts (W) Then divide by the voltage (V) The result is the current drawn by the device in amps (A) so if a device draws 2

How the circuit work?

An electrical circuit must be complete i.e it must form a closed loop,for it to work. Current only flow if the circuit is complete. A complete circuit is one that consist of a

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The ammeter is basically a Galvanometer with a small resistance to parallel with it. As we know that, if we connect two resistances in parallel, then the equivalent resistance