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One Person's Experience

The closest adult family members feel dejected and disrespected after interacting with the narcissist, who remains emotionally a child even when reaching adulthood. The family members experience a range of disparate symptoms that they cannot explain or understand.

a) The narcissist leaves you with a feeling of guilt. The narcissist thrives by making you feel guilty and inadequate.
b) The narcissist is like a parasite who clings on to you and keeps asking for physical/emotional/material things to keep his needs fulfilled and you get nothing in return. You stop even thinking that you are entitled to something in return.
c) You feel emotionally drained and want to get away as far as possible. At this point in time, you may not even know that the narcissist is the cause of this.
d) You stop spending any time with the narcissist. You start keeping different hours/schedules so your need for interacting with him is minimized.
e) You start thinking that you are going crazy and becoming a "bad" person. It starts affecting your relation with other (normal) people.
f) During this time, the narcissist has perhaps made you look like the villain in the family.
g) Most of the family members may not have heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and may typically not tell each other about their experiences with the narcissist. They tend to feel that the narcissist is just high-strung. Or, they ignore the behavior not knowing what to do and not wanting to take the effort to find out what to do.

Once all the family members get together the problem and the person that has it would have been identified. Till this time, it would seem like a madhouse without anyone being able to sense exactly what or who is wrong.
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