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How does adult ADD-ADHD affect relationships with other adults and partners?

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The adult with ADD won't at attention.
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Can adults have ADHD?

Up to 70% of children with ADD/ADHD will continue to have symptoms into adulthood. The main symptoms of ADD/ADHD in adults are trouble managing time and struggling with memor

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How does adult ADD ADHD affect relationships with other adults and partners?

Thank you to all the helpful and generous people who shared their personal experience on this page. Your input is invaluable to others who have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD an

What is adult ADHD?

It has long been assumed that ADHD is a disorder only for children but professionals have realized that it also occurs through adulthood. There is some research that points ou

Why are positive relationships with adults important?

  Positive relationships are important to maintain a sense of goodwill inside ourselves, a destructive relationship is not good as you spend your time fighting for what yo

Caffeine affects on ADHD adult?

Caffeine causes the Hypothalamus to produce additional stores of Dopamin and Norepinephrine, two of the brain's neurotransmitters. Because patients with ADD/ADHD have fewer ne

Why do adults bully other adults?

It is human nature to assert authority over fellow beings in order to get their way or the job done.

How communication affects relationships in adult care setting?

it can mean life and death easily. you need to communicate for you to tell that something is wrong with someone else. if you can't communicate then someone could die, and you

What are the adult symptoms of ADD and ADHD?

Symptoms of adult ADD and ADHD often include the inability to finish projects, always needing to start something new, heavy procrastination especially if a task requires lots

What are the disadvantages of communication in adult relationship?

Its very important to have communication in relationship or else you won't know whats going on in each other heads .Example time lets say a man gets home from work and really