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How does an Orca jump out of the water?

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The Orca (or Killer Whale) generates so much power with its flukes (its tail) that it can breach and completely clear the water with a minimal run up to the launch. Its flukes are moved up and down, as with all whales (and dolphins, which are a subgroup of the whales). Answer The animal dives down under water and using its tail (just as it does to move horizontally), it swims upwards as fast as it can. The generated momentum carries it up and out of the water. The Orca can launch itself completely clear of the water. It uses it powerful flukes and that "running start" to do this. Use the link to a short video of a Killer Whale. Then ask yourself how you'd like to be the kayaker in this little home movie. (The picture quality is quite good.)
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How high can a penguin jump out of water?

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Do great white sharks jump out of the water?

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Do orca whales live in deep or shallow water?

  Orcas live in deep water because some of them beat the jesus out of, eat, and kill great white sharks.
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How do dolphins jump out of the water?

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