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How does capital gains affect social security?

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Capital gains are not considered wages. Therefore, they have no affect on eligibility of social security.
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How do Social Security benefits affect your unemployment benefits in Florida?

They don't affect each other. Florida repealed its statutes allowing unemployment compensation to be offset (reduced) by Social Security benefits. If you qualify for both unem

Will dividends and capital gains affect social security payments?

In general, the size of our Social Security  retirement checks will depend on your lifetime earnings record and  the age that you begin collecting your benefits. If you star

Will getting married affect your social security benefits?

No. Social Security does not have a marrige penalty. A married coupled lifetime's earnings are calculated independently to determine to benefit amounts. Therefore each person

How does my wife's income affect my social security disability?

No, If you are on ssdi, it is a paid into program and there is no money cap. If you are on SSI then yes. To receive money in this program you must be both disabled and poor. M

Can a person on social security disability have capital gains income?

Of course..it's admirable as well as a number of disabilities can be worked through via smart management of money...just make sure if your gains pass your income limits that y

How did social security affect the great depression?

Social Security was created as part of the New Deal package in  response to the great depression. The depression made it clear that  senior citizens and the disabled are esp

Does unemployment income affect social security payments?

Of course it does. If you are employed, look on your check stub and see that money is taken out of your check each pay period for social security. That money goes to pay for p

Does social security need to be capitalized?

IMO, yes it should be. From my experience, "social security" is not yet used as a generic term for all such support programs for other countries, so, since it refers only to o