How does capital gains affect social security?

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Capital gains are not considered wages. Therefore, they have no affect on eligibility of social security.
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How does income affect your Social Security benefits?

The Social Security Administration regularly adjusts the amount that a person receiving SS benefits.. Complete information concerning all SS issues can be obtained at Social

How will the bailout affect Social Security?

No effect at present. Social security trust funds are not being used in the bailout.. Of course, there is an ongoing concern that the funds in social security are insufficien

How does social security affect economy today?

. . . On the nature of the economic order, my assumption is that in this country we believe in a competitive economy with differential awards . . . Social security itself can,

Can a person on social security disability have capital gains income?

Of's admirable as well as a number of disabilities can be worked through via smart management of money...just make sure if your gains pass your income limits that y

Does your wife's income affect social security?

Absolutely. It affects her Social Security only.

Can income affect Social Security benefits?

There is a limit for income from working you have not reached your full-retirement age . You can make as much money as you want to from sources such as interest, investmen

Will dividends and capital gains affect social security payments?

In general, the size of our Social Securityretirement checks will depend on your lifetime earnings record andthe age that you begin collecting your benefits. If you startcolle

How does capital gains income affect social security?

That depends, if you're below the maximum amount of income that you can earn for that tax year, then it won't trigger a claw back of some of your social security. On the other

Does social security need to be capitalized?

IMO, yes it should be. From my experience, "social security" is not yet used as a generic term for all such support programs for other countries, so, since it refers only to o
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How what my spouse earn affect my social security?

It depends what country you're in. Here in the UK - if one partneris working - and the other is claiming benefits... The amount ofbenefit paid is reduced on a sliding scale in